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Though it may not seem like it, hard water can become an issue for your RV over time. Hard water is created when minerals such as calcium and magnesium end up dissolved in the water. Once the water dries on a surface, these mineral deposits are left behind and can build up on surfaces. Hard water is safe to consume, but can have an effect on your RV’s plumbing and water pressure, among other things. How hard the local water is can change depending on where you are in the country. The areas with the highest concentration of minerals in the water include the Great Lakes region, Florida, and the Southwest.

Using a portable water softener in your RV provides a number of benefits. It reduces the amount of scale build-up inside your RV’s plumbing and on faucets. Dishes will look cleaner, as there is less chance for water spots, and it will be easier on your clothes when you wash them as well. Soaps work better and your skin won’t be as dry. They can also improve the performance of your appliances, by preventing clogged pipes, faucets, or shower heads. Having a water softener to reduce the mineral concentration will also provide better tasting water, which can be a big help once summer hits and you need to keep hydrated more often.

Keep in mind water filters and water softeners do not perform the same functions. Water filters remove sediment and bacteria while water softeners replace the minerals with sodium as the water passes through the resin inside. Once the resin inside a water softener is full of minerals, it needs to regenerate and resin eventually needs to be replaced.

On the Go water softeners are available with single or double size housings, for a 16,000 grain unit or an 8,000 grain unit. The 16,000 grain unit softens 500-1600 gallons before needing regenerating and the 8,000 grain unit can handle 320-800 gallons. On the Go uses common table salt or potassium chloride. The double size unit regenerates in 30 minutes while the single size unit regenerates in 15 minutes. Flow-Pur is a 10,000 grain unit that can regenerate in 20 minutes. It can also use potassium chloride or regular table salt. How many gallons an RV portable water softener can handle before needing regenerating depends on how hard the water in the area is. Typically, the larger capacity units also have a higher flow rate.

Why You Should Use a Water Softener in Your RV