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BAL 7500 Lb Scissor JacksTraveling in an RV is almost as convenient as you can get. You can move all around the country, but still have the comforts of home – including a working washroom! This is great when all you want to do is stop and camp, and see everything that nature has to offer in the process. What happens, however, when you want to stop for an extended stay at a campground that does not offer their own facilities?
Camping with Care
When planning a trip, individuals usually take care to plot their route in order to include stops at campgrounds with facilities, or at least stop by a dump station. This is because an RV’s sewage tank cannot take too many days of use without some sort of release. While this normally does not present a problem, what happens if you want to travel somewhere without a plethora of dump stations or fully equipped campgrounds? Sometimes we just want to park in a beautiful campground and stay the weekend, regardless of facilities.
Travel without Worry
This is where an RV Portable Waste Tank comes in. It can help share the load when stopping at a dump station or campground is simply not an option. Spend leisurely weekends at the remotest of campgrounds and still have the convenience of a fully equipped bathroom at your fingertips! RV Portable Waste Tanks are incredibly useful, and make a good edition to anyone’s camping kit. They make extended weekends and longer camping trips a breeze, and allow you to travel without spending hours carefully plotting your course.
Avert Disaster!
Have you ever had the misfortune of an overflowing water tank? Even assuming that the tank is completely clean (quite the assumption!), it is never a good experience to realize that your bathroom is essentially unusable until you can get to the dumping station. What is even worse is when the tank was not clean, and now you are stuck with a filthy RV that you have to painstakingly clean.
Regardless of the status of the water in the tank, you now have to tear down camp and drive to the nearest dumping station to clean out the tank. An RV Portable Waste Tank can help avert this kind of disaster by dramatically extending the amount of time between dumps. Even if it is not set up to catch overflow, it is always ready to be hooked up in the event of a disaster like the one described above.