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Now that the warm weather is finally here, you’ll want to make sure you can keep your RV cool and comfortable inside. One big part of that is making sure your RV’s air conditioner is working efficiently. After all, when the temperatures climb, you don’t want to step inside your RV and find that it’s just as hot and humid inside as it is outside. Keeping your RV air conditioner in top shape is only part of it, however. There are several other ways you can help maintain cooler temperatures inside that don’t involve running your A/C.

The main way you will keep your RV cool in hot weather is of course using the air conditioner. Just as with your air conditioner at home, there is some basic maintenance that should be done to make sure it is in proper working order. A properly working air conditioner should be able to keep the RV about 20 degrees cooler than the outside, give or take a few degrees.

Your RV’s A/C should be cleaned periodically to remove any dust or debris that may have built up around it. The filters should be cleaned once a month if the air conditioner is used regularly. Check to make sure they are not damaged. The filters can then be washed with warm water and left to dry. Other components of the air conditioner should be cleaned as well, including the condenser coils. Dust can be brushed off the coils with a soft brush, or vacuumed or blown away. When cleaning out the interior components, take care not to direct the dust and dirt further into the unit. Also, make sure the power to the RV is off when performing any maintenance.

Keeping the unit clean is only part of RV air conditioner maintenance. The cover should still be in one piece, with no cracking, which can allow moisture to get inside. Also make sure nothing has gotten under the cover, such as insect nests. If you want to avoid overworking it, don’t set the thermostat too low. Check the condenser periodically to make sure it isn’t being blocked by dirt or debris. Make sure the fan is able to spin freely. If it doesn’t, clearing debris or lubricating the fan may help solve the problem. Vent fins need to be kept straight. If some are not, they can be easily straightened back into position. If you want to test how well your air conditioner is cooling the air, it should be running for at least 15 minutes. A number of replacement parts are available, including shrouds, ceiling assemblies, fans, and filters. If your A/C needs to be fully replaced, we also carry Coleman air conditioning units in white or black.

Besides using the A/C, there are other ways to keep the RV cool. One obvious way is to open things up when it’s not hot enough to the run the air conditioner. Having the roof vents open can allow air to pass through, with some allowing for covers to use even when it's raining, such as the MaxxAir MaxxFan. Personal fans and interior fans like the Prime Products 2-speed mountable fan keeps the air moving in a localized area. Sunlight streaming inside can easily heat things up. Minimizing the amount of light that comes in through shades or awnings on your windows can make a difference. Reflectix reflective insulation can be used to cover windows and direct the light away from your RV. If you are able to, parking in shaded areas or parking so most of the windows face away from the sun can also reduce heat buildup. If you want to upgrade the look of your RV’s interior while also keeping things cooler, switching to LED lighting can be a big help. LED lights don’t produce as much heat as their more traditional counterparts.

RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips