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Replacing Trailer Suspension System PartsThe parts in a trailer's suspension system can be very prone to wearing out, so it's a good idea to inspect those parts at least annually to make sure they are in good working order. The entire system, which can include springs or even shock absorbers, provides a smoother ride and prevents excess bouncing around. This is especially true on uneven terrain or in inclement weather. Debris from the road can get kicked up and get into the system, causing even more wear and tear. You don't want to find out in those moments that parts in the suspension system need replacing. Luckily there are several types of tandem axle suspension kits that can assist in this endeavor.
Mobile Outfitters has a set featuring their Never Fail bushings. The bushings are heavy duty plastic, made to be more durable than brass and some other metals. Brass is a softer metal, making it more vulnerable to wearing out. This kit does not use wet bolts, so you don't have to think about keeping it lubricated. The plastic fittings of this Mobile Outfitters 281285 kit also make it a less expensive option than a kit with metal and wet bolt fittings. The kit includes shackle links, nuts, bolts, and the Never Fail bushings.
MOR/Ryde UO12-016 SRE/4000 Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Shackle KitThe Mor/Ryde UO12-016 shackle kit is slightly more expensive, as it uses bronze bushings. It is made to be used with the Mor/Ryde SRE 4000 suspension system, which is an upgrade system designed to replace the stock suspension system that came with the trailer. The Mor/Ryde kit features bronze bushings and wet bolts. Wet bolts provide lubrication by releasing grease that you have applied yourself. The Mor/Ryde kit features much thicker shackles than the stock parts that may have come with the trailer. Thicker 1/2" shackles mean they won't be prone to wearing thin or breaking. The difference is clearly shown in the image to the left. The Mor/Ryde design pictured on the right side of the image has a much more robust construction than the one on the left. The Mor/Ryde kit comes with shackles, bushings, nuts, bolts, and spring brackets.
One more suspension kit worth mentioning is one from Dexter Axle. The Dexter Axle K71-359-00 kit also makes use of bronze bushings and a wet bolt system, but also includes two equalizers. Equalizers help provide a smoother ride by evenly distributing the stress between the axles. This kit is designed for 1-3/4" wide Double Eye leaf springs with 33" axle spacing. Besides equalizers, the kit includes bolts, locknuts, bushings, and shackle links. While this is the heavy duty kit, there is also a standard duty kit which includes a different selection of parts and slightly different size equalizers. Remember to keep in mind when installing any of these kits and replacing these parts to make sure the trailer is properly supported on an even surface and steady ground.