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When you’re setting up a campsite, creating an inviting outdoor living space may not be something you immediately think of. Things like leveling the RV, pulling out and supporting the slides, or even going out to explore will all come first. Depending on how long you are staying in a certain place, however, you may want to consider the outdoor area under your RV’s awning. A more inviting outdoor space will make you and your fellow travelers want to spend more time outside, and isn’t that what going on an RV trip is all about? If your RV patio area is lacking, there are a number of accessories available that can assist you in creating an outdoor living space you’ll want to spend time in.

Establishing the main look and feel of your RV patio, as well as defining the space, is the first thing to consider when sprucing up your RV’s patio area. This includes the major items like patio mats, outdoor furniture, shades, and screen rooms. RV patio rugs, or patio mats, not only establish a look for your outdoor space, they have a practical purpose too. They provide more stability for outdoor chairs and tables, define the space under your awning, and prevent dirt and debris from getting tracked inside your RV. If you want to take things a step further and create an actual room, there are pop-up covered gazebos or tents to provide additional space. There are even screen rooms that attach to the side of your RV’s awning, so you can still have the feel of being outside while also enjoying more privacy and more shade. If a screen room seems too enclosed, you can also add individual shade panels to the sides of your RV’s awning that can be attached or removed as needed. Once establishing the space is done, the options for RV outdoor furniture, such as chairs and tables, are as varied as they are for outdoor spaces at home.

Now that you’ve taken care of the main items, it’s time for the fun part, accessorizing! Adding the right accessories can make the area truly feel like a living space and make you feel at home. For example, if you are setting up to be somewhere long term, perhaps you’d like to add some outdoor plants. If your space is not completely enclosed, you can set up a portable campfire to provide heat and light during the evening hours. Decorations will add your personal touch to your RV’s patio area. This can include things like flags, decorative lighting, welcome mats, or seasonal and local items. If you want to show support for a favorite sports team, or if there’s a holiday coming up, your RV patio area is a great place to display your items. LED light strips can be attached along your awning to provide additional whimsy or atmosphere. Hang a wind chime from your awning and enjoy the same gentle song wherever your RV adventures may take you.

When you are setting up your RV patio area, be aware of any campground regulations, particularly in regards to portable campfires and grilling. Stay mindful of how close others are to you, especially when considering decorative lighting. Make sure your lighting won’t intrude on another person’s space and don’t keep decorative lights on all night if there are others close by. Keep your eyes on the weather. Secure or store anything that the wind could catch, and make sure things that can’t get wet remain dry. Be courteous and don’t overstep the boundaries of your campsite, even if there’s currently no one next to you. With these tips in mind, and the right accessories, you’ll be able to make your RV patio area truly your own.

Creating an Inviting RV Patio Area