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The hot summer RV season isn’t too far away! Maybe you are already experiencing summer-like temperatures where you are. Now’s a great time to make sure that you’ll stay cool in your RV when the hot weather does arrive. From warm summer nights to humid rainstorms, there are several ways to beat the heat in your RV, which don’t always require you to run your air conditioner.

Of course, using your RV’s rooftop air conditioner is probably the most common way to keep the interior cool. Before heading out, make sure your AC unit is in good condition. You won’t want to get to your destination only to find your air conditioner doesn’t work! Clean the AC filters, and the coils, which will help a lot with overall performance. Make sure the components are not clogged. Thermostat placement also needs to be considered. If cool air is directly hitting it, or if it’s not shielded from direct heat, it won’t maintain an accurate reading. Once you reach your destination, make sure the voltage supply is sufficient. Once you know it is in good working order and had its proper maintenance, there are ways to make the most out of your system.

Running an AC unit during the cooler temperatures of early morning will help keep the RV cooler for a longer period. The longer it runs continuously, the more efficient it will be at maintaining a comfortable temperature. Just like at home, the air conditioner should be run with the doors and windows shut to prevent hot air from coming inside. In the evening when it gets cooler, you may be able to turn off your AC for a little while and make use of natural air circulation. Another method is to block off areas that aren’t in use, if possible. Blocking off the bedroom during the day and the living areas at night means the AC won’t have to cool as much space. Ideally, the AC should only be used when other methods of cooling your RV aren’t enough.

What are those other methods? Taking advantage of available natural shade is one. Using a reflective windshield cover to keep the sun out is another. If you travel a lot, going to northern locations where the summer isn’t so hot can be an advantage. Obviously, you’ll want to use your RV’s awnings and any pull-down shades you have to keep the sun from making your RV and outdoor living area too hot. Beyond the awnings, using tarps or umbrellas can make additional shady areas. Picnic Time carries a variety of umbrellas in different colors just for this purpose. They can tilt in different directions, have a wide 5.5 ft diameter, and have a pointed end so they can be staked into the ground. Make whatever meals you can outside to avoid heating up the kitchen. Park your RV so the afternoon sun shines on the side with the least windows. One more way is to simply avoid being inside your RV in the afternoon when the sun is the strongest.

Get natural circulation when it isn’t too hot by keeping windows open. RV rooftop vent fans and other fans also help provide circulation. Vent fans work to draw out humidity and let in fresh air from outside. When used with a vent cover, an RV vent fan can keep air circulating even when it rains. The Fantastic Dome Sensor Vent has 3 speeds and includes a rain sensor which closes the dome automatically. An evaporative system such as the TurboKool can cool your motorhome without the use of air conditioning. It pulls in warm dry air, while water is sprayed onto a filter. The air is forced through the filter, which evaporates the water and cools the air as it comes out.

Keep Cool in Your RV