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Super Steer motion control unitsDriving over uneven ground can cause a lot of rocking motion in RVs, in severe cases it can even cause items in your motorhome to fall off the shelves or topple over. As we get further into winter, the importance of ride control becomes an even bigger issue, with the rougher weather causing more hazards when traveling. For those with air suspension systems, such as those found in Class A motorhomes, there is a solution to this problem.
The Super Steer motion control units are designed to work on coaches with airbags to reduce the amount of airflow and better control it. The difference in ride control becomes especially noticeable when pulling in and out of driveways, going over uneven ground, or driving through two lane roads with a lot of twists and turns. Super Steer motion control will greatly minimize the rocking motion that can occur in these situations. They are easy to install, without needing a lot of tools or to tighten any parts.
Super Steer units are available for both an over 30,000 lb and under 30,000 lb gross vehicle weight. The most important aspect besides the gross vehicle weight is making sure you have the right size Super Steer unit to fit your air line tubing. It is crucial to get accurate measurements of the tubing's outer diameter to ensure a proper fit. Don't assume that the tubing is the same size for your whole RV either. The front and back will most likely be different sizes. You don't want to cut the air line only to find your Super Steer units are the wrong size! Since they are installed inline with the air line, it is also important to keep in mind that the cut of the tubing must be straight. If the tubing ends up being cut at an angle, you'll run the risk of leaks and performance issues. They come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, to give you further confidence in their reliability.
Super Steer motion control is sold in sets of two, using one pair for the front airbag, and one pair for the back. They should be placed within 6" of the airbag. Super Steer uses a "push lock" operation to hold the tubing in place. This is of course provided that the tubing is cut properly, with a straight, even edge. Once the tubing has been "locked" in place, it won't pull back out. Since you'll need to get underneath your RV to have access to the air lines, make sure the RV is properly supported with safety jack stands. It's not a good idea to rely on leveling or stabilizing jacks for this installation. Jack stands are designed to provide the support needed in this instance.