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Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemKeeping track of your tire pressure is just as important for your RV as it is for your car. Tires that are over-inflated will cause wear to the center tread of the tire, while tires that are under-inflated will wear down side treads. In both cases, tires that are not inflated properly can be more easily affected by bumps, potholes, and other road hazards. This plus the uneven wear of the tire treads can lead to a greater chance of flats or blowouts. Even if that doesn’t occur, tires that aren’t inflated correctly affect the handling and breaking of your RV. Having a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can give you peace of mind while you’re on the road and help make your drive safer.

With the number of tire pressure monitoring systems available, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right model. The first would be the number of wheels you need to monitor. The system needs to be able to accommodate enough sensors for the number of tires you have. PSI range is also important. The system needs to be able to measure up to the necessary PSI for your RV, preferably in the high upper range. Temperature monitoring is also a key feature. Tire pressure can be skewed by the temperature. Cold weather causes lower pressure readings, while hot weather causes higher pressure readings, both of which can be inaccurate. Tires that are warm from recently being in use can also show imprecise readings. Some TPMS models can alert you if the temperature of your tires gets too high.

The TST-507-FT-6-C monitors tire pressure and temperature in real time. It offers custom high/low settings for up to 4 axles and comes with 6 flow through sensors. Flow through sensors allow you to check tire pressure and inflate your tire without having to remove the sensor. Each sensor can be programmed individually so each axle can be monitored. It has a full color display which updates every few seconds with a different tire’s PSI & temperature. For the convenience of a smartphone, the TireMinder smart TPMS uses an app to display info on your mobile device. It also has 6 sensors and updates every 4 minutes, showing a different tire reading every 6 seconds. If 6 sensors aren’t needed, there is the Doran 360RV which has 4 sensors. The sensors on the 360RV are resistant to vibration & weather, and each has its own serial number for easier programming. It features a back-lit LCD display. Alarms can alert you to any issues on these models, while the TireMinder smart model can also send you push notifications to your mobile device.

Your RV’s tire pressure should be checked periodically, as tires can lose pressure even when not in use, and especially before going on a long trip. Keep in mind that an RV’s tire pressure will be affected by its full weight, which includes not only supplies, but passengers as well.

Why RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Are Important