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IOTA DLS-15 12VDC/15A Power Converter
DLS-15 12VDC/15A Power Converter
12VDC/15A Power Converter

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The IOTA 12VDC/15A Power Converter converts 108 - 132 volt AC to 13.4 - 14.8 volt DC power. This converter delivers a variety of demanding applications featuring efficient battery charging, built-in protection against AC voltage spikes, brown-outs and incorrect output polarity connections. The proportional fan control activates fan in proportion to unit temperature, providing quiet operation.
  • 30" NEMA cord with 3-prong-polarized plug for connection to the AC supply
  • Reverse polarity protection with fuse removal
  • 200 Watts continuous output power
  • Dimensions: 10.3" x 6" x 2.7"
  • Clean, steady DC output
  • UL Specifications
  • Does not include AmpLife. 19-4163
  • Limited 3-Year manufacturer warranty
  • 80% Efficiency
  • 15 Amps

SDC1-120-12-15 12VDC/15A Power Converter

Additional Product Information
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SDC1-120-12-30 30A Converter/Charger
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