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Eva-Dry 500F High Capacity Dehumidifier The Eva-Dry 500F high capacity dehumidifier is very similar to the Eva-Dry 500 but includes the additional feature of using fragrance packs. This not only removes humidity from the air but also infuses the space with a fresh clean scent. The 500F can prevent the mold and mildew that can grow as a result of high moisture air in your RV. Using a substance called Water Glass, the 500F absorbs the moisture in the air and does not release it until it regenerates.
The Eva-Dry 500F can be useful in more than just your RV, for example when used in closets, the 500F can prevent the odors that are a result of humid air in enclosed spaces, as well as protect anything inside from damage. Removing excess humidity from the air in laundry rooms helps clothes dry faster. It is ideal for bathrooms or other areas with high moisture content, preventing damage to furniture or fixtures. The 500F is safe to use in food pantries and around electronic equipment. Using a dehumidifier such as the 500F in tight spaces like safes or plastic storage boxes keeps the contents inside protected.
Dehumidifiers such as the 500F can also prevent allergies by reducing dust, while also making it easier to breathe and reducing the effects of respiratory conditions. The growth of mold can be a health hazard and dehumidifiers can get rid of the moisture that encourages it to spread.
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Eva-Dry 500F Dehumidifier