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2014 RV Product Articles, News and Info.
Whether your new to the RV'ing lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, knowing which accessories to purchase for your camper or motorhome can make a big difference in your camping experience. We have compiled hundreds of helpful articles over the years and plan to bring this information together all in one spot. So check back often for information that just might make your next RV trip just that much better.
All the Comforts of Home: 3 RV Accessories That Will Improve Your Next Camping Trip
by Bill Rowell 6/11/14
The warm weather is here! Families everywhere are mapping out their summer vacation plans. If you're planning on taking some camping trips in your recreational vehicle in the coming months, there are a few things you can purchase that will help enhance your travel experience. Here are some essential rv accessories that will make camping out this summer even better.
5 Outdoor RV Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
by Bill Rowell 6/13/14
Everyone knows that there are certain and obvious things you load onto your RV that help you have a great camping experience. It makes sense to pack a sturdy folding table like the Canyon El Grande and a relaxing, massive Big Bubba Chair. RV life is about comfort, mobility, and simplicity. Still, there are plenty of accessories that you may not know exist and therefore don't know how much you need them. Here's a list of 5 RV outdoor accessories you need to purchase for your this summer's camping trip.
Players Choice RV Accessories: Sometimes it is All Just Fun and Games
by Bill Rowell 6/17/14
Before heading out on that next RV trip, take some time to check and make sure all your favorite RV accessories are packed and ready to go. Besides the necessities, why not grab a few games to enjoy while whittling away the time at the campsite? Whether your a Domino fan or a dartboard champion, our game collection is sure to have even the most finicky camper smiling and having fun.
Best of the Best: Top Three Tongue Jacks for Your RV
by Bill Rowell 6/23/14
As avid campers, we are always looking for ways to make life out on the road just a bit easier. Now that the season is in full swing, it's time to consider what valuable items you may have overlooked, such as a new electric tongue jack. As everyone out there in the RV world knows, having one of these tools malfunction can spell trouble at the worst time. So if your in the market for a new one, be sure to check out our list of the best of the best.
Tips for Improving Ride Control in your RV
by Bill Rowell 6/25/14
With RV manufacturers pushing the limits of chassis design with more slides and features, it's no wonder your motorhome can be a handful to drive even in perfect driving conditions. I remember all to well the fist time we hit the highway with stiff side winds in our Class C, both hands quickly became glued to the steering wheel as I faught to stay in our lane even at speeds far below the speed limit. If your RV doesn't handle as nicely as you would like, you may want to try one of these methods to help you improve ride control so that your travels can be much more relaxing.
Two-Stage RV Propane Regulators for Safe Operation
by Bill Rowell 6/27/14
Almost all RVs use liquid propane gas (LPG) to power their appliances such as stoves, ovens, water heaters, furnaces, or refrigerators and some outdoor grills can also be fed via your RV's liquid propane connection. To consistently supply fuel to these appliances and to control proper operation LPG systems require RV propane regulators.
How to Tell When You Need To Update Your Blue Ox Tow Bar
by Bill Rowell 7/02/14
With the RV season in full swing and more and more motorhome owners hitting the road, it is important to remember towing safety. Many RV'ers choose to tow a car, truck, or SUV behind their RV four wheels down using a tow bar and base plate setup. However, it is important before towing 4 wheels down that you ensure your tow bar is still in good condition.
Take a Look at These Hot RV Accessories for Summer 2014
by Bill Rowell 7/05/14
With summer RV'ing in full swing a few RV accessories have rose to the top in popularity. Some make your trip more comfortable while others make hunkering down in your RV much easier. Take a look at the list below to get the skinny on the hottest accessories currently available at RV
True or False: What Do You Know About Your RV Water Pump?
by Bill Rowell 7/07/14
Schools out for the summer, yet we are heading back into the classroom for a true/false quiz, as we look at what we really know about our RV water pump.
Unique Outdoor Accessories to Enhance Your Next RV Trip
by Bill Rowell 7/08/14
Sometimes it pays to think outside the box. This is especially true when it comes to RV travel. If you're looking for unique ways to enhance your camping experiences this summer, there are a few rv outdoor accessories that will help turn your run-of-the-mill travel experience into something extraordinary. Here are some accessories that will set your RV apart from the rest.
When Should You Consider Using An RV Cover
by Bill Rowell 7/09/14
If you're a hardcore camper, you likely want to take your trailer or RV out as often as possible. However, there are often times when you can't go camping or you may be the type of camper who only goes once or twice a year. Understanding the importance of RV covers and when you should use them will help prolong the life of your RV, regardless of how often you use it.
Eternabond Puts up a Barrier against Hurricane Arthur
by Bill Rowell 7/15/2014
As my aging now 11 year old class A motorhome sits in the driveway waiting to get back on the road, exposure to the South Carolina sun and the environment has taken a toll on the roof sealants that are applied to prevent interior leaks. Sealants used in gutters and laterally across the caps require yearly maintenance and if allowed to sit without inspection or reapplication for extended periods of time, will fail. Unfortunately, many of us forget this very important service need and as these issues are out of sight and mind they often go unchecked. The problem is that water will try to get inside your rig even through the smallest of crevices.
Which Accessories do you need for your next RV trip?
by Bill Rowell 7/17/2014
There are countless reasons why people purchase RVs. You could be a fisherman or a hunter who is tired of sleeping in a beat-up sleeping bag on the ground. You could be an adventurous retiree who wants to easily visit all of the grandkids spread out around the state, even if the guest room isn't always readily available. Or perhaps there is even a hobby circuit that you want to follow around the country such as remote-controlled model boats or even auto racing. Regardless of your personal reasons for getting that RV, one thing you can't miss is the ability to customize your camper for your particular needs using the right RV accessories. Here just a few suggestions based on some of the more popular uses.
Why Choose a Portable Satellite for Your Travels
by Bill Rowell 7/21/2014
If you are the type of camper who doesn't want to miss the big game, race or your favorite TV shows while you are away, a portable satellite can be the ideal alternative. Many campgrounds and most all state parks don't have cable hookups and over the air TV reception can be hit or miss . In these situations, having access to satellite TV can help you stay entertained, especially when its raining and you can't do anything outside.
A Few Clever Ways to Manage your RV Sanitation
by Bill Rowell 7/23/2014
Ensuring you have a good time while RV'ing means properly managing your RV sanitation needs. This doesn't have to be difficult and here are a few tips we'd like to share with you that will make things much easier.
The Right RV Accessories Can Make A Good Experience Great
by Bill Rowell 7/28/2014
There are a wide variety of accessories available for all types of RV's . Some have become so popular, people don't want to be without them. Electronics have been some of the most sought after items in recent years with flat screen televisions, DVD players, surround sound systems and outside entertainment centers being some of the biggest. There are other accessories that will help with everything from navigation, holding tank ventilation, television reception and more.
Guide to Buying Fifth Wheel Hitches
by Bill Rowell 8/1/2014
Fifth wheel RVs are large, bi-level units that are the biggest of the towable class. They can be quite spacious, with some having extra room in the rear for hauling smaller vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles or similar).
RV Step Covers Add Style and Safety
by Bill Rowell 8/4/2014
Many RV accessories are designed to add safety and convenience to your camping experience. For example, RV step rugs are designed to meet these needs and also add to the appearance of your entryway. Obviously you will need to go in and out of your RV multiple times each day. It's part of the camping experience to be able to easily transition from indoors to outdoors. Many times, when climbing or descending your entry steps, your hands are full, your dog is rushing to get in front of you, or your shoes may be slippery from slick surfaces. For these occasions, having a quality step cover can provide added traction to increase the confidence in your step and keep you upright.
When to Upgrade to a Powered RV Vent Fan
by Bill Rowell 8/8/2014
If you've spent much time in an RV during the summer you know it can get hot very quickly without some sort of cooling. Most all newer RV's, even smaller units, have roof top AC units to keep things cool when the temps start rising. But what about those times when you just need to get some air moving, that's when a good powered roof vent comes in handy. Today's powered roof vents can move an incredible amount of air when needed and even have such features as thermostats and rain sensors. So if your tired of trying to move air in your RV with that noisy bathroom fan, it may just be time to upgrade to a Maxxair or Fantastic powered roof vent.
Carpet Protection for your RV
by Bill Rowell 8/13/2014
As a beginning road trip enthusiast, one of the most exciting times in your life is driving your first RV into the hills for a camping weekend. The rig is complete with all the latest amenities, so you are set. Right? Well, yes and no.
Camping in Style: 5 RV parts that will take your space to the next level
by Bill Rowell 8/18/2014
Are you a motorhome or trailer owner that's been thinking of creative ways to upgrade your RV? You're in luck. There are a number of simple and stylish changes you can make by purchasing a few specific RV parts. Here are 5 RV parts that will help you take your home on wheels to the next level.
Summer Dreaming of RV Parts & Accessories
by Bill Rowell 8/20/2014
O.K. now that you have stopped laughing over that title, there are times to think about items that your RV maybe in need of and what better time than when relaxing. As summer deepens we tend to see the end of the camping season in the not to distant future and begin to think about other things such as home improvements, getting the kids ready for school and where we might store the RV for the winter. But if you remember last winter, you'll have plenty of time for that later. Don't let anyone tell you that daydreaming about an RV GPS or repairing cabinet hardware is not a valuable use of your time! You've worked hard to get and keep that RV and ensuring it stays in perfect condition should be high on your list.
The Best RV Air Conditioners
by Bill Rowell 8/22/2014
It doesn't take long after the sun rises in the summer before you find your RVs to hot on the inside, and the best way to combat that heat is with a good working RV air conditioner. So today we will be going over the top RV air conditioners you should consider when shopping for a replacement or adding an additional unit.
Patio/Awning Rugs and Mats can be a Useful and Decorative Extension of your RV
by Bill Rowell 8/28/2014
RV's are a great way to leave the hectic pace of life behind and enjoy the outdoors. So it's natural to want Patio/Awning Rugs and Mats to create an environment that is peaceful and decorative. Your RV's patio area is also a great place to create an extension of your entertaining and living area. There are rugs and mats to keep your RV clean while matching or expressing your interests. Try reversible, patriotic, mobile and fun options in Patio/Awning Rugs and Mats.
RV Accessory Top Fall Pick: Powered Vent Fans
by Bill Rowell 9/22/2014
Ok, campers fall is here! A. There is nothing quite like RVing in the fall, the sights are a bit prettier, the landscapes more colorful, and the trip just a touch more comfortable for all. But those cooler temperatures also mean that the humidity levels in your RV can rise with windows closed to keep you warm. If you've noticed condensation building up on windows and walls as the temperatures fall it's time to consider a powered RV vent fan. Since RV's tend to have limited insulation from the cold it's hard to keep that warm moist air on the inside from collecting on the cold windows and walls of your camper.
RV Water Pumps: Signs Your Water Pump Needs Replacing
by Bill Rowell 9/24/2014
In any RV, one of the more vital components that you need to ensure is in working order at all times is the water pump. The RV water pump is the heart of a camper and allows RV enthusiasts to go off the grid and experience the great outdoors. So it's essential that you ensure your water pump is working properly before you get off the beaten path without hook-ups as someone in the family might not enjoy being without water. This can make testing your water pump before each trip a high priority on the checklist. Yet, many RV owners wonder how they will know if their water pump needs replacing.
A Cornucopia of Camper Parts
by Bill Rowell 9/25/14
Funny old word, cornucopia. Overflowing with fruits, nuts and nourishing things, the so-called 'horn of plenty' is a common sight during the Thanksgiving season. The mythology that surrounds the origins of the first cornucopia is varied; some say the horn came about when a baby Zeus broke a horn off the goat goddess who nurtured him. Others credit Hercules with devising the first cornucopia during a fight with a mighty river god.
Dinghy Towing: Before You Tow, Get In the Know!
by Bill Rowell 9/29/2014
Before you begin the process of purchasing and setting up a vehicle to tow behind your motorhome, you want to be sure that your dinghy towing set-up will be safe. Sadly, there's no "quick 'n' easy" way to do this, but you wouldn't want it to be. Safety is not something you want to cut corners on. To many times we see RV'ers use the logic that their motorhome is very big and it should easily handle towing something no matter what the size. But the truth is, many motorhomes are almost at their weight limits before they ever leave the showroom floor. Throw in personal items, food, interior and outdoor accessories and your motorhome might not be safe to tow certain size vehicles.
Eternabond: It's not your father's duct tape.
by Bill Rowell 10/01/2014
Leaks. The bane of every RV, whether it is a motorhome, travel trailer or 5th wheel camper, unless your RV is safely tucked away in a garage all year, the occasional leak is pretty much inevitable. And I know you don't keep your camper under cover at all times; you are out adventuring in it every chance you get! With every bump in the road your roof seams are flexing; your corners and windows are feeling the stress. At some point you're going to need to repair a leak before water damage sets in. As seen in our photo, a small amount of moisture mixed with heat can delaminate an RV's walls in short order.
Camper Supplies that Bring a Touch of Elegance to Your Next Excursion
by Bill Rowell 10/06/2014
Spending time in your camper doesn't have to mean eating out of a can while hunched around a campfire! Today's camper supplies allow you to enjoy the most elegant experiences while living in the great outdoors. Check out three of our favorite must-have camper supplies for the RV'er who wants to bring a touch of class to their next camping trip:
3 RV Security Accessories Every Camper Should Consider
by Bill Rowell 10/09/2014
Whether you're a full-timer or a weekend warrior, ensuring that your RV is safe and secure whether your away or enjoying an unfamiliar place is of utmost importance. And it's not just when your parked, it is also important to consider products that can keep you safe while traveling. . If you are looking for the latest products related to RV accessories, we can help. Each year, the accessory market gets a little brighter for RV'ers, and as the latest crop of products make there way to market you can be sure you will find them here.
Ultra Fab Electric Tongue Jack With 7 Way Plug
by Bill Rowell October 10, 2014
When it comes to keeping your trailer level during the hitching or un-hitching process, not all tongue jacks are the same. Ultra-Fab Products has developed the Ultra 3502-7 electric tongue jack with a seven-way power plug for trailers without a battery or source of power. The product features 3,500 pounds of lifting power using hardened steel gears making it one of the toughest tongue jacks on the market. By using the 7-way power plug which draws power from the tow vehicle, eliminating that hand crank tongue jack supplied with most trailers. The Ultra 3502-7 features 18 inches of lift and includes Ultra-Fab's exclusive Site-Lites that provides illumination during after-dark set up.
Fall Prep: Essentials Camper Supplies for Your Cool Weather Roadtrips
by Bill Rowell 10/13/2014
The autumn season is upon us, but that doesn't mean that camping season is over. For many travelers, fall is the best time of year for heading out on an RV adventure. Whether you're looking forward to seeing the foliage or you simply want a more relaxed camping experience after the hustle and bustle of the summer, there are a number of camper supplies that can help make your fall trip more enjoyable. Here are three essentials you need for cooler weather camping.
Gree RV Air Conditioner
by Bill Rowell October 14, 2014
When making the investment in buying an RV air conditioner, you want to be sure that you are getting a good quality product. Gree is the largest producer of air conditioners in the world, so it only made sense for them to dive into the RV market. With Gree's air conditioning expertise and vast engineering capabilities they designed the Gree RV Air Conditioner from the ground up. The Gree compressor features a low amperage draw to help performance when running off of generator power or when multiple units are running at the same time. R410A Refrigerant is used to meet current regulations requiring use of non Ozone-depleting coolant.
Motorhome Accessories for RV Owners Who Love to Cook
by Bill Rowell 10/15/2014
Many motorhome owners love to cook, but sometimes the standard RV kitchen just isn't up to par. Thankfully, there are a number of accessories available to help make your space fit for a gourmet chef. If you've ever dreamed of having your very own chef's kitchen on the road, here are three must-have motorhome accessories.
Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel Grill
by Bill Rowell October 16, 2014
The Camco Olympian Stainless Steal Grill is the perfect solution for all your outdoor grilling situations. This grill is lightweight and designed to increase the flavor of your food without the dangerous flare ups caused by food grease. The smoker plate will catch all the drippings from your food and vaporize it turning it into a flavorful smoke, adding to the delicious taste of your food. It is designed to use standard or disposable propane cylinders.
Maximize air flow in all weather with RV vent covers
by Bill Rowell 10/17/2014
Roof mounted air vents are one of the most important features on your RV. With the small confined space of an RV, things can heat up with high moisture levels in no time. The air vents installed in your campers roof are designed and installed to provide fresh air circulation to every part of your RV.
Blue Ox Sway Pro Hitch
by Bill Rowell October 18, 2014
The Blue Ox Sway Pro weight distribution and sway control hitch has a computer optimized hitch head, spring bars and rotating latching brackets. The hitch head does not need any adjustments and has an open design, so the hitch ball can be removed more easily. If you switch to a different trailer, the only part that would need replacement would be the spring bars, saving you from having to buy a whole new hitch. The rotating latches ensure a faster hook up than snap-up methods.
MOR/ryde RV TV Mounts
by Bill Rowell October 19, 2014
Have you ever wanted to add a little more viewing space to your rv's living area, but have limited room to move a big tv around? Well MOR/Ryde can help! They offer a wide range of different mounts to accommodate any RV, camper or motorhome. With the ability to swivel, tilt, twist and turn you will never be stuck watching your TV with a glare or obstruction again. You can now move your TV to any position needed so you and your guests can be comfortable watching your favorite shows or events.
NOCO Genius Battery Chargers
by Bill Rowell October 20, 2014
The NOCO Genius is a top of the line Battery Charger that incorporates the VosFX processor which powers the battery charger and utilizes high-frequency, high-efficiency technology to rapidly charge batteries two times faster than traditional automotive battery chargers. The processor automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains your batteries. The NOCO Genius is easy to use, it does not produce sparks and safely connects to your battery for charging and maintaining.
Try These Great Products for a Truly Clean RV
by Bill Rowell 10/21/2014
I have found that trying to keep a large all white RV clean as you travel can be a challenge. While my days of detailing and spit shining are long gone (way to much energy spent cleaning and not enjoying the time away from work), I still like to keep things clean. Over the years I have pretty much tried every cleaner, wax and car care product available. So, I thought I would share a few tips I have come across that just make cleaning your RV just a little easier.
Brake Buddy Braking Systems add safety while towing
by Bill Rowell 10/21/2014
As you probably know, having a braking system in place is necessary in most states when towing a vehicle. The right braking system can control the stopping on a towed vehicle without putting additional strain on your RV's brakes. However, different braking systems are suited to different needs and perform better under different circumstances. With both portable and permanent system available, you may need to consider your requirements first. Brake Buddy has several models to provide protection and reduce stopping distance.
Carryout Anser Portable Satellite Antenna
by Bill Rowell October 24, 2014
Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite tv show while on a camping trip, the Winegard Carryout Ansar Portable Satellite Antenna may be your solution. It is a one-of-a-kind design that is ideal for RVs, tailgating, picnicking, family outings and other outdoor activities. The Anser is highly portable and requires no assembly. Just set the elevation and the antenna automatically finds the satellite, delivering standard and HD signal, DISH is at 72° and DIRECTV is at 101°. It's also compatible with Bell TV in Canada.
Extend-A-Shower Expanding Shower Rod
by Bill Rowell October 25, 2014
Are you tired of the small cramped shower space in your motorhome? Extend-A-Shower is like a slide out room for your shower that gives you the elbow room and privacy of showering in your RV. With this product you will never have to use a campground shower room again. This Fold-out shower rod gives you up to 30% more space for a comfortable shower and less chance of bumping into walls or the curtain.
Blue Ox TruCenter RV Steering Stabilizer
by Bill Rowell October 26, 2014
Do you have trouble keeping your motorhome under control in strong crosswind situations or worry about maintaining your lane with a front tire blow out? Your car or SUV is built with a center position that keeps it in the middle of the lane, enhancing driving and safety. Your motorhome is not built with one. That's why you need TruCenter Steering Control fromBlue Ox TruCenter RV Steering Stabilizer Blue Ox.
Four Unique RV Accessories for Your Home Away From Home!
by Bill Rowell 10/27/2014
If you're getting an early start on your Christmas wish-list or, perhaps, have a little extra cash yourself, check out these unique and exciting that add an extra layer of comfort, ease or relaxation to your home on wheels.
Gas Detectors can protect you and your family
by Bill Rowell 10/28/2014
Unsafe levels of LP or CO gases can lead to all sorts of problems, not the least of which is endangering your health. CO emissions are especially dangerous, considering that it is odorless and colorless. Gas leaks in an RV can be the result of several different sources, including faulty appliances or improper connections. Whether you need a new system or are just looking to upgrade, there are several different types of gas detectors and alarms available that can alert you to any possible trouble, including these examples:
RV Sanitation & Fresh Water Guidelines
by Bill Rowell 10/31/2014
RV camping trips are ideal ways to enjoy the nature with friends and family. But to ensure your RV continues to serve you, it's critical to practice proper good RV sanitation. This entails tasks such as using the right sewer chemicals and sanitizing your RV water. Here are some basic guidelines for sanitizing your RV.
Equalizer Stabi-Lite Electric Stabilizer System
by Bill Rowell November 03, 2014
Do you have a motorhome with a slide out room? The chances are the vehicle could become top heavy and start leaning towards the side, this can also cause the vehicle to respond more to interior movement. The Stabi-Lite Electric Stabilizer System is intended for use specifically with Class B & C motorhomes that are built on a Sprinter or Ford Chassis. This stabilizer system can keep your RV level, reducing sway when you move about the cabin, as well as preventing it from leaning. Installation is simple, it attaches using clamp style mounts so there is no need to drill holes or weld any attachments.
Mor/Ryde Easy Reel Spooler
by Bill Rowell November 03, 2014
The Easy Reel Spooler is the latest innovative product from MOR/ryde. When it comes time to store your power cord choose Mor/Ryde Easy Reel Spooler. This reel will help you to make sure it stays neat, with less of a chance of the cord getting tangled, without taking up too much space. Handling the power cord can be a hassle, as it is heavy and awkward to work with. The Easy Reel utilizes a design to allow for quick and simple wrapping up and storing of your 50 amp power cord. The Easy Reel is made to fit in small places such as baggage areas. The power cord is condensed down into a 7 ½" footprint. The hand crank can be mounted to work either way, whether your right or left handed and lets you to easily roll up the cord without exerting too much effort. If you choose your may also clean the power cord as your reel it in so the next time you use the it, it won't be dirty. It features rugged steel construction and high quality powder coat finish. The Mor/ryde Easy Reel spooler gives you a simple and convenient way to store your power cord.
Dirt Devil CV1500 RV Central Vacuum System
by Bill Rowell November 03, 2014
The CV1500 RV Central Vacuum System by Dirt Devil is an innovative solution to RV, camper, motorhome and boat cleaning. This Dirt Devil is designed specifically for RVs, but brings you all the conveniences of your home vacuum system. Upright vacuums are not designed for the tight spaces and small corners found in RVs. The high-performance commercial grade power cleans your RV quietly without tangled power cord. The HEPA filter bags that come with the vacuum capture 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or smaller. This is especially useful if you suffer from allergies, as it reduces mold, animal dander, dust mites and pollen, along with small particles of smoke and other pollution. The CV1500 features a 1 gallon capacity, with 26% more suction and 30% quieter operation than previous models. Cleans almost any surface including rugs, carpets, vinyl floors, blinds and more! Includes an innovative 7′ hose which expands to 35′ and the included Maxumizer Tool Kit provides all the needed accessories for every cleaning job. Always there when you need it, the Dirt Devil CV1500 is the ultimate built-in companion for your next camping trip. The CV1500 RV Vacuum comes complete with the MAXUMizer Deluxe Tool Kit w/ Rug Rat cleaning tool, installation kit & 3 vacuum bags. Comes with a 5 year warranty.
Jetconnex Coiled Trailer Connectors
by Bill Rowell November 04, 2014
Do you get frustrated with those loose wires that hang and drag between your vehicle and trailer, JetConnex Coiled trailer Connectors are the ultimate solution for anyone who tows a trailer. The "plug and tow" coiled cord with high quality molded connectors on each end provides for a strong & reliable connection for important running lights, turn signals & brakes. This trailer wiring is a tightly coiled, jacketed and Mylar wrapped multi-wire power-cable. It includes an integrated cable strain relief.
SMI Air Force One RV Brake System
by Bill Rowell November 04, 2014
The SMI Air Force One Brake System is a major advancement in towed vehicle proportional braking technology. With its user friendly features and ability to fit every towed vehicle without modification, the Air force one brake system has become the smallest, most effective braking system available on the market today.Since the SMI Air Force One operating unit is installed under the hood and a small actuator is mounted on the brake pedal arm of the towed vehicle, the device stays out of the way. Attach the coiled air hose and vehicle lighting cable between the RV and the towed vehicle and you are ready to tow. There is no set up and no adjusting necessary. The SMI AFO allows your towed vehicle to brake as naturally as if it were being driven.Using the RV's air brake supply creates proportionate braking for your towed vehicle, which is more ideal than progressive braking. Air Force One works on uneven ground as well as inclines.
Oxygenics Smart Pause RV Shower Head
by Bill Rowell November 05, 2014
Are you tired of your motorhomes low water pressure or just want to conserve more water? The all new BodySpa with Smart Pause for RV Showers can save up to 20% more water while in use keeping you from running out of water in your tank. With this smart pause shut off valve you can turn your shower on or off to save 30-70% of water and energy that's used by traditional shower heads, making it ideal for RV's. With this product you can take a lot longer shower with using the same amount of water as you would if you were to use a regular shower head. This shower head mixes oxygen into the water, which heightens spray velocity, making for a higher flow shower even with low water pressure. The flow control valve lets you choose your settings, from a soft and relaxing flow to a pulsating and massaging higher flow.
Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Generator
by Bill Rowell November 05, 2014
The Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Generator is made to provide sufficient power without making too much noise. You can use it while traveling to keep batteries charged, while putting it to use at home in the event of a power outage. This portable generator will power most RV appliances with ease while delivering a maximum power output with minimum effort. It is estimated that the run time is 10.5 hours at one-fourth load, from a 1.1 gallon tank. Yamaha uses its most technologically sophisticated muffler in the EF2000iS, allowing operation without drowning you out with background noise. The lightweight, space saving design makes it simple to transport.
Kelty Folding Cooler
by Bill Rowell November 05, 2014
When it comes to RV'ing the storage space you have matters, and being able to pack everything you need can sometimes be more difficult then we realize. Coolers can sometimes be large and bulky, taking up valuable space, which is at a premium when you travel. They can also prove to be difficult to store, whether you are on the road or at home. That's where Kelty comes in: they have designed a hybrid cooler that collapses down to provide you with greater storage space when not in use.
3 RV Accessories To Keep Your Electronics Charged
by Bill Rowell November 06, 2014
While the whole point of getting out on the open road for some people is to unplug themselves from the world, it's still a good idea to have your electronics when you need them. Whether it's a GPS for your navigation, a tablet computer for providing entertainment, or just a cell phone for communication purposes it helps to be able to keep your gadgets charged.
Phoenix Single Handle Pull Out Hybrid Kitchen Faucet
by Bill Rowell November 06, 2014
Phoenix Faucets with it's 35 years of expertise in plastic faucet design has developed a hybrid faucet which utilizes the strength of brass and the lead-free characteristics to comply with lead free regulations. Phoenix hybrid faucets are constructed of plastic materials, which also conserve water and corrosion resistant to hard water and chemicals.
Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatment
by Bill Rowell November 06, 2014
Most RV holding tank treatments take care of odors by using chemicals to mask the smell. What you are left with is a sludge of waste that at best is covered by a perfume that's works decent in cool weather and at worst drives you out of your RV in warm weather. This sludge can also be almost impossible to transfer at the sewer hookup. Kronen Holding Tank Treatment is able to eliminate odors at their source, even before they start. Kronen RV toilet chemical uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms, which are made to break down organic materials. This leaves you with a liquid that is totally odorless.
Franklin Chef 4.1 cu ft Stainless Steel Compact RV Refrigerator
by Bill Rowell November 07, 2014
It's always important to have an RV refrigerator that does not take up much space, yet still gives you enough room to store what you need. Maybe you also want to have a fridge that is stylish as well as functional. The Franklin Chef Compact RV Refrigerator features a space saving design, while still providing you with 4.1 cubic feet of space.
LYGHT 100A Relay Base Automatic Transfer Switch
by Bill Rowell November 07, 2014
Transfer switches can switch a load between different sources of power. They are especially necessary when RV generators are used to supply power, so that electricity does not end up coming from two places simultaneously. Transfer switches such as this one do not require a manual control, operating based on detection of a power source.
Stop Dragging Your Trailers Safety Chains
by Bill Rowell November 10, 2014
Fastway Trailer Products has come up with another great RV product innovation with the Chain Up. This simple device is a heavy duty rubbersling that you run your chains through and then hang it over the ball of your hitch. This is much safer than twisting or looping chains improperly and possibly causing safety issues. The Chain-Up comes in two styles, one for ball mount and the other for weight distribution hitches. Once you get to your destination and unhook you can easily hang the chains over the hitch and keep them off the ground. It's a great little device to make your next RV trip a little easier and safer. To check out Chain Up Safety Chains.
Eternabond Microsealant Tape for RV Roof Repair
by Bill Rowell November 10, 2014
RV'ers understand the frustration that can accompany leak repair. Regardless of the type of roof your RV EternaBond leak repair tape is a revolutionary product that is designed for immediate and permanent RV roof leak repair. Easy to use, a single application of the product is enough to create an instant waterproof repair regardless of the material in which the RV roof is constructed, including the traditionally difficult-to-repair roofs like EPDM, TPO, Hypalon, Fiberglass and Aluminum.
Equal-i-zer Snap L Pin
by Bill Rowell November 11, 2014
The Snap L-Pin from Equal-i-zer (P/N: 95-01-9430) can take the place of the old L-Pin to secure weight distribution arms because of its snap and click design. Hooking up your trailer has never been easier because the pin and clip are now integrated into a single unit, the pin can now be engaged and released in one step. It also features a quieter performance, due to the fact that it sits slightly above the weight distribution arm. The Snap L-Pin saves time, as it flips up or down easily in a single motion, rather than having to insert a separate pin and clip to keep it in place. This uses less effort, as it can be operated using only one hand if necessary.
Advent Air Black Built In Microwave
by Bill Rowell November 11, 2014
The MW912BK black built-in microwave from Advent Air has 0.9 cubic feet of space with 900 watts of cooking power. It features one-touch controls to easily set the digital clock. Six preset one-touch settings allow you to simply cook such items as popcorn, pizza or frozen foods. The 10 different power levels make boiling, reheating or defrosting foods much easier.
Magellan Roadmate RV GPS Navigator
by Bill Rowell November 11, 2014
Unlike a regular GPS system, the Magellan Roadmate GPS Navigator is designed specifically for RVs. It comes with a number of different features to make navigating your next camping trip hassle free. The large 7″ touch screen can display the surroundings in 2D or 3D with the Bird's Eye View feature. Favorite places are easily stored and the Quickspell feature can autocorrect to make sure an address is entered correctly. Screen color and contrast can auto-adjust itself when driving at night. The A/V input allows the Roadmate to be connected to other devices, such as DVD players or iPods. Bluetooth is also included so the Roadmate can double as a speakerphone, making safer, hand-free calls possible.
Let's Go Aero Cargo Carriers
by Bill Rowell 11/11/2014
Finding ways to carry extra cargo can create a variety of solutions. Once such solution is by using a cargo carrier. Maybe you need to haul additional cargo and there's no more room in your vehicle. Or perhaps you have some gear that needs to be kept separate from the rest of your equipment. Depending on the type of carrier, they can be made to meet the differing needs of the user, whether it is for commercial, professional or recreational use. They can also provide protection from the elements as well as keep your cargo secure. All cargo carriers are made to perform the same basic function, however the features and construction can vary. Three carriers from Let's Go Aero in particular each have different characteristics to suit your needs.
Carefree Buena Vista Room
by Bill Rowell November 12, 2014
The 12-13 foot Buena Vista Room from Carefree of Colorado will extend the available living space for your RV and increase your enjoyment of the outdoors. It attaches to the side on most vertical awnings, without the need to drill or have it professionally installed. It can also protect you from the sun or inclement weather, as it is waterproof and seals tight against the elements. When traveling, the lightweight Buena Vista room can be stored in the storage bag that comes with it.
Rebel Perfect Campfire Grill
by Bill Rowell November 12, 2014
The Rebel Campfire Grill is portable enough to go anywhere. The stake, grill rack and charcoal pan package allows you to grill food wherever you might be. If charcoal grilling isn't an option, the Rebel can also be used over an open campfire. The grill is small enough to fit into a saddlebag or backpack and features a raised edge, which will keep food from rolling off onto the ground or into the fire. This also maximizes the cooking surface because you will not have to allow for additional room on the sides.
Blue Ox Towing System For Towed Vehicles
by Bill Rowell November 12, 2014
So you finally took the plunge and purchased that motorhome you have always dreamed about, but what do you do once you get to your destination. You don't want to have to unhook the motorhome and store everything away to see the area sites in the RV. So towing a vehicle with your motorhome is the next logical step in RV'ing and having the right setup makes all the difference in how well that experience goes.
The Flow-Pur RV-Pro 10,000 Removes Certain Elements from Hard Water
by Bill Rowell 11/13/2014
Hard water is not only an issue at home, but can also be an issue in your RV as well. Hard water can affect the surfaces it comes in contact with, sometimes leaving stains or soap scum. The stains can build up and create water flow problems for pipes and faucets. It can also influence the performance of any appliances that use the water, such as coffee makers or washing machines. If you've got hard water, this indicates a high concentration of certain elements in the water, such as calcium and magnesium.
Product Comparison: Flow-Pur RV Pro vs. On The Go RV Water Softener
by Bill Rowell 11/13/2014
When you're on the road, it's likely you won't always be getting your water from the best of sources. Hard water is common in RV parks and camping sites, and to keep your appliances working correctly and keep water residue off of your sinks, toilet, and shower, you will need a quality water softener. Two brands stand out when it comes to RV water softeners: Flow-Pur and On The Go. Both of these brands make quality softeners, but they have their differences. Today we'll look at two similar models from each and compare the features.
BatteryMINDer 1500 Charger/Desulfator
by Bill Rowell 11/13/2014
The BatteryMINDer 1500 is a 12V, 1.5 Amp Maintenance Charger & Desulfator that uses a SmarTECHnology microprocessor to configure its operation. It is able to support up to four batteries at once and avoids over or under charging a battery by temperature compensation. The 1500 can extend an RV's battery life up to four times through high frequency pulse desulfation. The charger's 5 stages can keep batteries fully charged, even when they are not being used.
Top 5 College Football Schools for Tailgating
by Bill Rowell 11/14/2014
College football season is here and with its massive tailgate parties before and after the games, no vehicle is better equipped for serious tailgating more than an RV. When you have your own electricity and appliances on hand (not to mention a private bathroom), tailgating with an RV brings the football experience to the next level. Of course there's tailgating in the NFL, but college football is entirely different animal.
On The Go Portable Water Deionizer
by Bill Rowell 11/14/2014
Spotting can happen after rinsing your RV due to dissolved mineral deposits in the water. The On The Go Water Deionizer not only filters out calcium, iron and magnesium ions the way water softeners do, it also gets rid of fluorides and other negatively charged ions. Rinsing an RV will no longer be a subject to water spotting once the minerals are removed. This single tank water deionizer is made to be portable, so it can be used anywhere, and features a mixed bed system. It is lightweight and can rinse a Class A RV about six times before it needs refilling.
Franklin Chef Digital Coffee Maker
by Bill Rowell 11/14/2014
This 12 cup coffee maker from Franklin Chef offers many different features and is efficient enough to use when traveling in your RV. It has a digital display provides ease of use, so the coffee maker can be quickly programmed to brew coffee as desired. This coffee maker comes with a stainless steel filter, eliminating the need to bring along paper filters, which will in turn free up storage space. The filter will remove most all of the chlorine (up to 97%) in the water, making for better tasting coffee and faster brewing times. The stainless steel carafe has a cool touch handle with a no drip spout, perfect when you are on the road.
Garmin RV 760LMT GPS
by Bill Rowell 11/17/2014
Having an accurate GPS when on a road trip ensures that you can make the most of the experience, while having the peace of mind that you will avoid getting off course. The Garmin RV 760LMT GPS is specifically made for traveling in your RV. Specialized features such as Garmin BaseCamp™ and America's RV Parks & Services Directory allow you to customize your route based on area attractions as well as locate campgrounds or service stations in the vicinity.
Four Awesome Custom Motorhomes
by Bill Rowell 11/18/2014
Anyone who owns an RV takes road tripping seriously, but there are some that take it to the next level with decked out custom RVs. From restored classic campers to souped-up rolling yachts, there is an RV out there that will make just about any RV owner jealous. Almost every day we get posts on our Facebook page about cool custom RVs from around the United States and the world, so we thought we would share a few of those and some others that have caught our eye over the years.
Dicor EPDM Rubber Roof Coating
by Bill Rowell 11/18/2014
Over time, your RV's rubber roof can be exposed to a lot of elements that can lead to damage, such as harsh weather or high sun exposure. If you have an EPDM rubber roof, exposure to the elements can sometimes lead to stains or discoloring as it ages. Of course, it is always a good idea to give your rubber RV roof a good cleaning a few times year. When cleaning or maintaining the roof
Adco SFS AquaShed Class A Cover
by Bill Rowell 11/19/2014
The line of SFS AquaShed Class A covers from Adco are intended for use in areas with a decent amount of sun or a lot of rain, such as in the northern part of the continental United States. The triple layered SFS top panel beads water on contact, while the side panels are made from high performance polypropylene protecting it from harsh weather. This makes them totally breathable, preventing mold or mildew from growing. This cover also offers protection from damaging UV radiation and is made to resist wear & tear.
Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater
by Bill Rowell 11/20/2014
The Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater makes space heating your RV in colder weather easy. The catalytic element adds to the lifespan and efficiency of the unit and the electric starter lasts for 20,000 starts. This safety heater can heat 130 sq. feet of space or a 12 foot coach. It can sit on a leg stand as a portable heater or can be permanently mounted on the wall, either vertically or horizontally, to save space.
RV Entry Door Handles Promote Stability and Safety
by Bill Rowell 11/20/2014
Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference when it comes to the overall enjoyment of an RV trip. One example of this would be adding a door handle for your RV entry steps. For instance, if you have your hands full, getting inside may not be such an easy task.
CR Spotless, Spot Free Water For Washing Your RV
by Bill Rowell 11/21/2014
The CR SPOTLESS De-ionized Water Filtration System gives you the same spot-free rinse system used by new car dealers for years. But, now at a price you can afford and with the convenience you need to make it work for you! Shipping & Handling is included in price.
Ming's Mark 18" LED Tube Light
by Bill Rowell 11/24/2014
Using LED lights in your RV is an energy efficient solution that proves more cost effective in the long run. The Ming's Mark 18″ LED Tube Light is made to replace standard 18″ tube lights that have a T8 base. This 18″ LED tube light is 9.6 watts, the equivalent of 68 watts in a standard bulb. It has a 120 degree beam angle that can be adjusted in a certain direction to light a specific area.
Yamaha 3000W Portable Generator
by Bill Rowell 11/25/2014
When traveling on a road trip, having the power to generate necessary electrical devices is a must. Portable generators will be able to give you the power you need to get the job done. Perfect for powering fifth wheel or travel trailers, the EF3000iSEB is a new portable generator from Yamaha that can put out up to 3000W of power. This generator can also provide an extra burst of power when necessary, as it features a Boost Control Unit that can sense when you need additional power. Other features include Noise Block and Smart Throttle.
Covers Keep Your RV Protected While It Is In Storage
by Bill Rowell 11/25/2014
For some of us, winter has already arrived, and the RV may already be in storage. If not, there are several steps involved in getting your RV ready for winter, which include making sure it is properly covered. Using the right cover can keep your trailer or motorhome protected from outside elements. The right cover will also be made from a material that allows air to pass through, to prevent mold or mildew growth.
Swagman XC Platform Two Bike Carrier
by Bill Rowell 11/26/2014
The Swagman XC platform two bike carrier allows you to easily transport 2 bicycles at once. It can accommodate nearly any type of bike with a 20-29″ tire diameter, and can adjust to fit any size frame. The middle post can fold down to give you easy access to the rear of your vehicle or RV, while the sides can fold in so it can be easily stored when it is not being used.
3 Great Hardware Upgrades for Your Used RV
by Bill Rowell 11/26/2014
If you've recently bought a used RV, you will want to do some quick updates to give your own sense of style. Big or small, these inexpensive improvements to your RV hardware will make life easier and more secure. In this blog entry we'll share a few quick hardware upgrades that will compliment your lifestyle and give you peace-of-mind.
Eva-Dry 500F High Capacity Dehumidifier
by Bill Rowell 12/01/2014
The Eva-Dry 500F high capacity dehumidifier is very similar to the Eva-Dry 500 but includes the additional feature of using fragrance packs. This not only removes humidity from the air but also infuses the space with a fresh clean scent. The 500F can prevent the mold and mildew that can grow as a result of high moisture air in your RV.
WestOZ Motion Detection Security System
by Bill Rowell 12/02/2014
Using security systems while camping in your RV will add to your peace of mind by making sure your valuables and other property are protected. The WestOZ portable wireless motion detection security system is a battery operated, 3 piece system that works in a similar way to the security system you have in your home. It includes a motion detector, siren control and key ring control with over 2 years of battery life.
NOCO XGrid Products Maintain the Charge on Batteries and Electronics
by Bill Rowell 12/2/2014
Whether it's your vehicle's battery, or the battery for your phone, keeping them charged becomes especially important during the winter months. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere in the cold because of a dead battery. No matter what time of year, a failed vehicle battery can be anything from an inconvenience to a serious problem, depending on where you are and how quickly you can resolve the issue. The line of XGrid products from NOCO provide ways to keep your vehicle or your electronic devices charged and maintained.
SeeLevel II 714 Tank Monitoring System
by Bill Rowell 12/03/2014
Keep an eye on the levels of your holding tanks with the SeeLevel II 714 Tank Monitoring System. It includes displays for tank levels, temperature and battery voltage. The SeeLevel II 714 keeps track of the water, sewer and LP gas tanks and is able to sense the levels from the outside of the tank. The two temperature sensors can be mounted on the inside or the outside, so monitoring the tank can be more convenient for you. Being able to actively monitor the tank also eliminates the problems that the build up of debris inside the tank can cause. The SeeLevel II 714 shows you the diagnostic information on each of the tanks, so you can keep track of sender operation.
CURT Multi-Use Ball Mount
by Bill Rowell 12/04/2014
The CURT 45810 multi-use ball mount is able to carry a bike rack in addition to towing a trailer, providing added convenience and streamlining the towing process. It has a 2 inch receiver and a 2 inch drop, with a GTW of 7,500 pounds and a tongue weight of 750 pounds. The black powder coat finish protects the ball mount from rust and other corrosive elements. The seams are robotically welded to ensure extra durability. Note that the receiver section is not intended to be used for towing. It is specifically intended for use in supporting a bike rack.
Adco Class A Windshield Cover
by Bill Rowell 12/05/2014
The Adco 2600 windshield cover is made to fit most Class A motorhomes. It does not require any drilling to install, and its one-size-fits-all construction makes it a cost effective solution over custom fitted covers. It is made from Tyvek® RV fabric from DuPont™ and is intended to install quickly and provide a snug fit. Tyvek® is a type of industrial strength fabric that lets air and water vapor pass through while still remaining durable. Water from the outside is deflected, while keeping moisture from building up inside.
GPS Navigation Related RV Accessories
by Bill Rowell 12/05/2014
Of all the RV accessories you could buy, one of the most important accessories is a GPS navigation system. This is because there are few vehicles where you’re Rand McNally 7730 RV GPSmore likely to visit remote areas quite as much as you will with an RV. Here are some good features to look for when choosing an RV navigation system.
Camper Parts Especially For Your RV
by Bill Rowell 12/06/2014
Campers as we all know are here to stay. According to the Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association the camping industry employs over a quarter camper parts for your RVmillion Americans. Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Campers took over 11 billion camping trips in 2008. According to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association travel costs are anywhere from 11%-59% less expensive than other vacations even with factoring in an increase in fuel costs. According to a U.S. News article manufacturers shipped nearly 290,000 units in 2012.
Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray
by Bill Rowell 12/08/2014
When you are on the road it is important to make sure that any expensive equipment you bring along is being transported safely. Carrying large heavy equipment also brings a level of responsibility, not only for your own safety, but for the safety of others on the road. Once parked, you will also want to make sure your cargo is not prone to thieves. The Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray takes care of many of these issues by offering a safe secure way to carry expensive equipment.
Don't Forget about H2O when Shopping for RV Supplies
by Bill Rowell 12/08/2014
It's so easy to forget the importance of water until it is not available. We need quality water for drinking, showering, and cleaning. When making a list of RV supplies for travel, many overlook this necessity. It is rv water filtersassumed that every part of the country has clean safe drinking water and it will never be in short demand. However, finding yourself without the quality of water that you are accustomed to, can make you question the purity.
Fresh Water Hoses for your RV
by Bill Rowell 12/9/2014
As it has been stated here previously, not all water hoses are made for drinking water. Depending on the types of materials used in the hose, as well as the intended purpose, the water coming from it may not be safe for consumption. You have probably heard it said that you should not drink from your garden hose at home. Different chemicals or other substances can be found in garden hoses that can be harmful if ingested. The same principles apply to the fresh water hoses for your motorhome as well. Different types can include those that are safe for drinking, as well as those that are intended strictly for exterior washing or other outside work.
The Waster Master Sewer Hose Won't Let You Down At The Dump Station
by Bill Rowell 12/09/2014
It doesn't take long after getting involved in the RV'ing hobby to realize that the scene in the movie RV where Robin Williams has major issue dumping his waste tank is not to far from reality. When you pull that handle on the black tank you hold your breath and hope the hose stays together and it doesn't clog.
Camco Pump Converter Winterizing Kit
by Bill Rowell 12/10/2014
When the camping season draws to a close for the year, its important to winterize your RV so you are not met with unwanted surprises come spring. One important area to consider is making sure your pipes do not freeze during the cold weather. The Camco pump converter winterizing kit offers a solution to that problem by winterizing your pipes with anti-freeze. This kit can draw the anti-freeze right from the bottle.
Seat Armour Seat Towels
by Bill Rowell 12/11/2014
The seat towels by Seat Armour are made to keep your car seats clean and looking like new. They fit over the head rest to provide a close fit and simple installation. Made from cotton terry/velour, they are soft and comfortable. It keeps the seat protected from all kinds of stains, dirt, odors and scratches. They are ideal for parents and pet owners, as they will protect the seat from spills and pet dander.
EternaBond AlumiBond Sealant Tape
by Bill Rowell 12/12/2014
EternaBond sealant tape is an ideal solution to roof leak repair and maintenance. EternaBond comes in several varieties, with one example being AlumiBond. EternaBond AlumiBond sealant tape features a backing that is 4-mil of aluminum sheeting, laminated to the adhesive side. It can be painted to match whatever surface it sticks to and also sticks to itself, making it possible to wrap around an object.
Cooking Gourmet Meals in Your RV
by Bill Rowell 12/12/2014
Many of us have multiple hobbies, and if you're like a lot of people, you probably enjoy it when you can find ways to combine your interests. Combining a love of RV travel, and a love of cooking may seem like a challenge, especially if you own an older or vintage RV complete with an ill equipped, outdated, under-sized kitchen. Even though you may not be in the full size kitchen you have at home, that doesn't mean you won't be able to prepare decent meals.
Convenient RV Accessories For Your Next Trip
by Bill Rowell 12/15/2014
One of the great things about an RV is that you can travel around the country and always have a comfortable and reliable place to stay. But when you're on an RV trip you will also want to spend some time outside. The most important thing to keep in mind when buying RV accessories is storage space. Here are some examples of RV outdoor accessories that add convenience and enjoyment, and won't take up too much space while you travel:
Camping Supplies that Enhance Your Experience
by Bill Rowell 12/18/2014
Buying an RV means you have invested quite a bit into the idea of traveling and spending time outdoors, which means you also deserve to have the best experience possible. To make this happen, you will also want to invest in camping supplies that will enhance your trip while you are away from home. Here are a few examples of products that can make this happen:
Things RV Owners Should Know About Dinghy Towing
by Bill Rowell 12/19/2014
Traveling in an RV can be one of the best ways to bond with your family members and experience the country. It's not just about getting from one place to another, it's also about exploring new places along the way. While the RV is a great way to get to your destination, sometimes you need a smaller, more agile vehicle to get around once you've arrived. Dinghy or flat towing is one of the most common ways to take a second vehicle along for the trip. Here are a few things that RV owners should know about dingy towing before they head out on the road.
Other Uses for EternaBond You May Not Have Thought About
by Bill Rowell 12/22/2014
If you’re an RV owner, you are most likely well aware how important Eternabond can be when it comes to patching leaks in your vehicle’s roof. While Eternabond is commonly used to repair leaks, it is also ideal for a number of other applications as well. Here are a few examples of uses for this handy product you may not have given much thought to before.
RV Locks You May Need for Increased RV Security
by Bill Rowell 12/23/2014
Some of the most important RV accessories you can buy include those that will keep the possessions you carry with you on your RV safe in every possible way. One way to increase security is by using locks on your items when you travel. These locks can make you feel safer while also keeping your possessions secure, just like they would at home. Here are a few such examples, including those that may not be obvious to you at first.
How To Safely Turn Your RV While Dinghy Towing
by Bill Rowell 12/29/2014
Obviously when you are towing a vehicle with your RV, it's not going to be a straight road all the way through, eventually you will have to make turns somewhere. Making a turn while towing a vehicle behind your motorhome can be nerve wracking; however, with the right advice you will be able to breathe and turn easily!