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There are a wide variety of accessories available for all types of RV's . Some have become so popular, people don't want to be without them. Electronics have been some of the most sought after items in recent years with flat screen televisions, DVD players, surround sound systems and outside entertainment centers being some of the biggest. There are other accessories that will help with everything from navigation, holding tank ventilation, television reception and more.


This is an accessory growing in popularity with most people who own motorhomes and trailers. With such features as road weight limits, low clearance warnings, every campground under the sun and popular tourist destinations, these GPS systems are an RV'ers best friend. An RV GPS unlike standard systems is geared towards RV'ers with the ability to customized pre-departure checklists for the safest travel. This sophisticated technology is quickly becoming essential for long trips.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks have seen some major developments over the years from the inexpensive plastic version that fits behind and in front of your wheels to systems that lock tandem wheels together. Keeping an RV stable while in use makes for a better camping experience. With campgrounds becoming more and more crowed, RV'ers are also looking for places to "get away from it all" and some of these can get extreme. Having a chock that can keep your motorhome or camper in place on very un-level ground is essential.

Holding Tank Ventilation

One of the most important features in our RV's are the holding tanks. Some motorhomes and campers have multiple holding tanks and what is placed in the tanks needs to be vented for a number of reasons. If there is any pressure in a tank and a person opened the seal on a toilet, that could be a very unpleasant experience - therefore venting prevents any surprises. Designed like that found on the 360 Siphon will keep your RV free from those unpleasant odors.


This is one of the most popular motorhome accessories. They are able to provide shade during hot days. They can also protect people and property during rain storms. They come in a variety of colors as well as mildew-resistant fabrics. In many ways, an awning can improve the experience of having an RV.

Satellite Antenna

This is an important accessory that provides much desired entertainment during those times when the weather may not be optimum for outdoor activities. It will be as good as the location where your RV is parked. They work best with a clear line of sight to the sky, so it's best to try and park in an open space when using them.

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By Bill Rowell
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RV Accessories Can Make A Good Experience Great