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Camco UltraGuard Class C RV CoverSometimes the smallest change can make a big difference when it comes to the overall enjoyment of an RV trip. One example of this would be adding a door handle for your RV entry steps. For instance, if you have your hands full, getting inside may not be such an easy task. If you or someone in your group needs extra support when climbing stairs, or if you have younger children with you, having a door handle can make things a lot safer, and avoid potential accidents.

One example from Stromberg Carlson is the EZ Open RV Handle. Available in white or black, the EZ Open Handle attaches to your RV door, allowing you to open it without climbing the stairs. Normally you would have to climb the stairs, then back up a step or two to get the door open. If you are distracted or have your hands full this can be a risky move. At 32" tall, the EZ Open Handle can let you open the door from the ground. This is especially useful if you have children with you, so they can open the door safely without assistance. Installation is simple and does not require a lot of complicated steps.

Next, also from Stromberg Carlson, is the Lend A Hand RV Hand Rail, which is available in black, white or with an aluminum finish. It attaches next to the entry door to provide more stability for those who need it when going up stairs. The unique feature about the Lend A Hand is that it folds down for travel or when it isn't needed. When locked in the open position, it protrudes a full 15-1/2" inches, making it much easier to grab onto. This hand rail is 27" long, so it can provide you with plenty of support as you ascend the stairs. While not in use, it can fold down in either direction, going across the door if you desire. Use of the Lend A Hand is not just limited to RVs, it can also be used around the home in areas where you need a little extra support.

If you need a little extra illumination around your door at night, there is the Lighted Assist Handle from AP Products. This 17-1/2" door handle has an illuminated bar to give you extra assurance at night. There would be no worry about fumbling around for the door handle in the dark. It has a sturdy construction, with a handle length of 12 inches. It has an easy installation and is perfect if you spend a lot of time outdoors at night.

By Julie T

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