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Portable Water Deionizer Spotting can happen after rinsing your RV due to dissolved mineral deposits in the water. The On The Go Water Deionizer not only filters out calcium, iron and magnesium ions the way water softeners do, it also gets rid of fluorides and other negatively charged ions. Rinsing an RV will no longer be a subject to water spotting once the minerals are removed. This single tank water deionizer is made to be portable, so it can be used anywhere, and features a mixed bed system. It is lightweight and can rinse a Class A RV about six times before it needs refilling.
Deionized water not only offers a spot free rinse without scale buildup, it eliminates the need to towel dry your vehicle afterward, saving you time and labor. It will not harm whatever type of wax finish your vehicle may have. Mineral deposits that are left in the water can also damage the painted surface, which is no longer a problem if those are removed. The resins in this mixed bed deionizer, which typically consist of small porous beads, eliminate the charged ions present in the water. On The Go utilizes ‘premium grade exchange’, AKA virgin resins, which produce output water at 100% capacity. Other types of resins may not be able to generate water at full capacity. Deionized water is not only useful for rinsing vehicles, but it can also be used in other applications when having pure water is essential.
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Portable Water Deionizer