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Keeping Cool Inside Your RVWhen your at a campground, occasionally you might not want to stay on your site and you may want to explore the area, site-see or go down to a lake for a picnic. At some point you will need to eat and have something cold to drink, especially if it is a hot summer day. By having portable camping appliances including a fridge/freezer, ice maker or grill this task can be made very easy. Here are just a few examples of portable appliances that we carry and how they can be used to make your camping trip easier.
Forget the old cooler and ice way of keeping your food cold, with the portable refrigerator/freezer you no longer have to keep buying bags of ice as it keeps melting the longer it sits. With this appliance, you can easily keep all your food cold or frozen til you are ready to cook. It is not too heavy so it will be easy to transport with you to the lake, a tailgating party or your favorite park. To keep the portable fridge running and cool it includes a 12 VDC plug that plugs into your cigarette lighter port in your vehicle.
If you are going to make food one of the best things to have would be a portable grill. You want one that is not too big so it is easy to carry and you also need to decide whether you want a propane or a charcoal style grill. One of the portable grills that we carry that has a unique design is the picnic time caliente grill. It has its own carrying case that will hold the grill and has a cooler compartment to keep the drinks, food and condiments.
Last once you return back to your RV, it's easy to relax with a cool drink when you use a portable ice maker. You can have ice in 10 minutes - less time than it would take to make a run for bagged ice! With a capacity of 26 pounds of ice per day, it should keep you well supplied with cold drinks. Because it produces oval cubes in two different sizes, you'll be able to fill your favorite drinking bottles with ice before setting out on your next great adventure, too!
With portables getting ever so popular, come browse our products to find what you are looking for, if you have any questions or are looking for a specific product, please feel free to contact us.
By Heather L

Portable Camping Appliances

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