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Carefree of Colorado Buena Vista RoomJust like with home appliances, selecting the right refrigerator for your RV is an important decision. Maybe you are new to RV-ing and you aren't sure what type of RV fridge is right for you. On the other hand, you may know what you want or like what you already have and just want to make a few changes. Whether you are looking to replace your existing RV's fridge, or you wish to simply customize or upgrade certain parts, there are a number of products available that can assist you in this task.
Norcold offers all types of RV refrigerators to meet anyone's requirements. There are small, compact models for smaller size trailers, as well as full size models for larger spaces. They have different power sources, depending on the model, including AC/DC, Gas/Electric, 2 Way Gas Absorption and 3 Way Gas Absorption. The AC/DC model is all electric, and can work off AC or DC power. The Gas/Electric, 2 way & 3 Way models give you the versatility of using either electric power or your motorhome's LP gas supply. Having the ability to use LP Gas is ideal if there is not enough electricity available to run your fridge. Norcold refrigerators are made with RV travel in mind, with factors such as temperature fluctuations, movement and vibration worked into the design. Certain models, particularly the larger sizes, have features such as an LCD display control panel, ice makers, or even alarms to let you know if the door has been left open.
If you want to coordinate the look of your RV's fridge, fridge door panels are available from FRV, Inc. They can have either a wood oak laminate or black acrylic finish. The oak laminate works well with lighter color schemes, or if you want to match the style of your kitchen cabinetry. The black acrylic presents a sleek, modern look, providing a high contrast against wood cabinets. The black also serves if you have black appliances in your RV's kitchen and wish to have a sense of cohesion. Door panels are available for various Dometic and Norcold models.
A wide variety of refrigerator accessories and replacement parts are also available, with many of them new to RVUpgrades. Camco's door stop will keep the door open when the fridge is not in use, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Using a cooling fan such as the one from Valterra can keep the cold air circulating, which is useful when the refrigerator is especially full. Norcold offers many different parts for their units, such as separate crispers, dividers and storage bins. Replacement parts for Norcold include light bulbs, ice maker assemblies and door latches. You can also replace such parts as the thermistor assembly, water inlet valve or heating element. The Norcold thermistor assembly helps regulate the interior temperature by controlling when the fridge runs. The water inlet valve works for Norcold units with an ice maker, providing its water supply. The heating element works to keep frost from building up on the refrigerator's cooling coil.
By Julie T

Getting the Most out of Your RV Refrigerator

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