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Get the Party Going Inside and out of Your RV With a Quality Stereo System

Jensen Bluetooth StereoMusic makes everything in an RV more enjoyable. Whether you’re cruising down the open highway, playing cards at the foldout table or sitting around a fire at the campsite, a good stereo system playing great tunes can elevate everyone’s mood. If you’re stereo deck is malfunctioning, or a few of the speakers are blown, it’s time to think about replacing and upgrading your system.
Expand Your Media Options With an Upgraded Stereo Deck
There’s nothing wrong with nostalgia, but if your RV’s stereo deck only plays 8-tracks you are seriously limiting your musical options. Modern systems have channels for just about every possible channel of audio entertainment - AM/FM radio, satellite radio, CD, MP3, Bluetooth and even DVDs and Blu Rays. With all these options you’ll be able to roadtrip across the whole country without ever running out of music. Even with all these features, technological advances have made it possible to manufacture these stereos for a reasonable price. So, you can easily upgrade your RV’s stereo system without breaking the bank.
Waterproof Speakers Are a Must for Entertaining
In addition to replacing your outdated stereo deck, you should also consider maximizing your sound quality with new interior and exterior speakers. This is especially necessary if you use your RV to camp or tailgate. Durable waterproof speakers mounted to the exterior of your rig can surround your campsite with the perfect music for the mood or broadcast the game to the party inside and out of the RV.
Stop dealing with broken, low-quality and outdated stereo equipment and put the fun back in your RV with a new system. You can find all stereo decks, speakers and accessories you need on the RV Upgrades online store. Send us a message if you have any questions about stereo fit or compatibility and we’ll help you find the best system for your RV.