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Characteristics of a High-Quality RV Extension Cord Completing a Towed Vehicle Braking System with Roadmaster Increase The Comfort And Safety of Your Motorhome With Stair Rugs
Maintaining Your RV Holding Tanks Making Sure Your RV Drinking Water Stays Fresh Managing Your Waste Effectively In an RV
Manual or Hydraulic: Which Leveling Jacks Are Best for Your RV Maximize Space with These Interior RV Accessories Prepare For Your Camping Trip with These Parts for Your RV or Motorhome
Properly Store Your RV Extension Cord Take Advantage of Digital RV Thermostat Scheduling Programs The Benefits of Using a Trailer Brake Controller
The Scaling Facts About Hard Water The Two Best Reasons To Buy An RV Water Hose Protector Tire Safety With A Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Troubleshooting Problems with Your RV Slide Outs Upgrading Your RV Thermostat to Digital Which RV Drinking Water Hose is Right for You?
Why RV Leveling Systems are Important
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2016 RV Accessories Articles Tips, Tricks and Information
Here you'll find our 2016 archive on RV accessories, as well as tips and information to make your next RV trip more enjoyable. We have collected a wide variety of articles to assist those new to RV'ing and seasoned veterans alike. These articles cover all areas of the RV lifestyle, from cleaning and maintenance, to camping supplies and outdoor living.
Increase The Comfort And Safety of Your Motorhome With Stair Rugs

by Julie T 12/21/2016
When you are traveling in your motorhome, the last thing you want to spend your time doing is cleaning. You will minimize the amount of time spent sweeping and mopping your motorhome by adding an accessory like stair rugs which prevent dirt and debris from getting tracked inside.
Properly Store Your RV Extension Cord

by Julie T 12/19/2016
A heavy duty 30 or 50 amp extension cord is a standard piece of equipment that every RV requires. You need one to run your air conditioning or power any appliances while you're connected to a power source. If you don't want to be unexpectedly without electricity, it's vital to keep your extension cord in working condition. Proper storage practices are the most important aspect of stretching your extension cord's lifespan.
The Two Best Reasons To Buy An RV Water Hose Protector

by Julie T 12/13/2016
It's important to use a hose protector as a preventative measure from damage to your hose in the long term, but it can also keep your water safe. A tear or leak may let water out, but there is also the possibility that it is letting dirt or bacteria in; if you are relying on the water to be clean for drinking or washing, then it certainly needs protection.
Get the Party Going Inside and out of Your RV With a Stereo System

by Julie T 12/12/2016
Music makes everything in an RV more enjoyable. Whether you’re cruising down the open highway, playing cards at the foldout table or sitting around a fire at the campsite, a good stereo system playing great tunes can elevate everyone’s mood. If you’re stereo deck is malfunctioning, or a few of the speakers are blown, it’s time to think about replacing and upgrading your system.
Prevent Costly Electrical Accidents With Quality Surge Protection for Your RV

by Julie T 11/17/2016
Traveling in your RV means parking and plugging into various potentially unreliable power sources. Most RV parks genuinely do their best to maintain their electrical systems, but their are an abundant amount of possible malfunctions that either happen too quickly to be noticed or that are out of their control. A high level of use and advanced age of a facility can greatly increase the chances that their parking hook-ups may have faulty grounds, incorrect frequency, disconnected legs, voltage fluctuations and surges or a number of other problems.
Top 5 Perks of Installing a Digital Thermostat in Your RV

by Julie T 11/17/2016
Controlling the climate inside your RV is a simple and essential aspect of ensuring everyone's comfort. Older RVs are usually equipped with manual thermostats that become increasingly temperamental and inefficient as they age. Upgrading to a new digital thermostat will allow you to precisely control your RV’s internal temperature and keep everyone happy.
The Scaling Facts About Hard Water

by Julie T 11/11/2016
Water containing high levels of minerals such as calcium, lime and magnesium can create a hard water environment. Groundwater acquires these minerals by dissolving them from surrounding soil and rock. Left untreated, over time these ions will negatively affect your RV’s water supply, pipes and plumbing fixtures.
Manual or Hydraulic: Which Leveling Jacks Are Best for Your RV

by Julie T 11/7/2016
The jack systems on your RV are used for both leveling and stabilizing your RV. Both of these functions are crucial, not only for your comfort and safety, but also for the proper function of some of your appliances. Before you set your RV up at its next location, you need to make sure you have properly working jacks. There is a vast selection of jacks to choose from but they all fall into two major categories: manual or hydraulic. Both have their benefits and we want to make sure you choose the best leveling jacks for your RV needs.
Why RV Leveling Systems are Important

by Julie T 9/29/2016
Having an RV leveling system is especially important for making sure certain appliances operate correctly, as well as for your own comfort. There are different ways to ensure that your motorhome or coach stays level. Different methods can be more suited to differing price levels or different types of RVs. They can be as simple as using planks of wood, or be as sophisticated as a hydraulic leveling system.
The Benefits of Using a Trailer Brake Controller

by Julie T 8/25/2016
Making sure you can safely stop when towing is important, not only for yourself, but for the others sharing the road with you. When towing a trailer behind your car, this is accomplished through the use of a trailer brake controller. Every state has its own laws regarding what kind of braking system is required for towing. If you are unsure what the braking requirements are for the states you’ll be traveling through, AAA lists them by state or Canadian province on their website’s Digest of Motor Laws. While different trailer brake controllers are all made to accomplish a similar task, there are variations.
Making Sure Your RV Drinking Water Stays Fresh

by Julie T 7/28/2016
Since RV’s can be hooked up to different water sources, you can’t always trust the quality of the water that’s being supplied, whether it’s city water or well water. Likewise, you can’t always be certain of what’s in the water supply that the campground uses, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. While RV parks should have their water supply tested for impurities, that does not always occur as often as it should. There are a few obvious ways to tell if the water has been contaminated, such as a strange odor or taste, or if the water does not run clear. Keeping the drinking water in your RV fresh may require some extra steps to maintain purity and keep out any harmful substances.
Troubleshooting Problems with Your RV Slide Outs

by Julie T 6/30/2016
While RV slide outs can provide much needed additional space, they also come with their own share of maintenance issues. Slide outs can be prone to motor failure, misalignment, and leaks, just to name a few. Oftentimes just knowing what model RV you have may not be enough to determine what needs to be done once you've diagnosed the problem. Diagnosing the problem can usually be done without needing to take the RV back to the dealership. It may even turn out that the problem was caused by faulty wiring or a weak battery, rather than with the slide out itself.
Maintaining Your RV Holding Tanks

by Julie T 5/26/2016
There are a number of different methods for maintaining your RV holding tanks, some of which are more effective than others. Some are home remedies that RV'ers swear by, while others use certain chemicals that are specifically designed for this purpose. While maintaining the holding tank may not always be the most pleasant of tasks, choosing the right method makes the whole process easier. Keep in mind that the overall effective-ness of certain methods will differ
Maximize Space with These Interior RV Accessories

by Julie T 4/14/2016
Things are gearing up for the 2016 RV-ing season, and you whether you are new to RV-ing or not, you may be looking for ways to spruce up or improve your RV's interior. While RV's may not have all the space and amenities that a residential home would have, there are many accessories out there that can bring the conveniences of home without sacrificing too much space. Most are designed with RV travel in mind, with interior accessories available for every section of your motorhome, whether it's the kitchen, bathroom, or living area.
Which RV Drinking Water Hose is Right for You?

by Julie T 4/7/2016
Not all RV water hoses are the same. Those intended for drinking water are constructed differently and made from different materials than other types of hoses. This can be related to the materials used in the hose itself, as well as in the connection fixtures on each end. Non-drinking water safe hoses can release harmful substances such as lead or BPA into the water. Thankfully there are several different types of hoses made from materials that are safe to use for drinking water.
Tire Safety With A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

by Julie T 2/24/2016
The primary dangers and consequences of under-inflated tires:
  • Catastrophic Tire Failures
  • Underinflation causes the sidewalls of a tire to bend and flex, which will wear down the tire faster
  • The more wear on a tire, the greater likelihood of a tire blowout
  • 85% - 90% of tire failures are directly attributable to underinflation
  • Shorter Tread Life
  • Estimates have shown that every 3% of underinflation below the recommended pressure for the tire reduces tread life by 10%
Prepare For Your Camping Trip with These Parts for Your RV or Motorhome

by Julie T 2/5/2016
Camping can be an exciting and fun experience, especially when you have all the equipment you need to make the trip comfortable. That is why it’s best to make sure your RV has been supplied with the camper parts you need for your adventures. The parts you want depend on your camping destination, the number of people traveling with you, and the duration of your trip. Whether you are new to RV’ing and are looking for basic supplies, or you are looking to customize or upgrade an existing RV, here are some examples of what to have on hand.
Managing Your Waste Effectively In an RV

by Julie T 2/4/2016
A very important consideration you should have in mind when purchasing or renting an RV is all the different maintenance and up keep you need to do in order to keep your RV trip going smooth. One would be emptying and cleaning out the waste holding tanks. Human waste is something people never want to talk about because it's frankly pretty disgusting. However, your bodily functions never stop and it is inevitable that you will have to deal with it. Check to make sure that you have a functional and portable RV waste tank that will make sanitation and hygiene a much simpler job.
Completing a Towed Vehicle Braking System with Roadmaster

by Julie T 1/7/2016
Towing a vehicle behind your RV will most likely require you to use a supplemental braking system. When considering the safety implications, the necessity of using a braking system becomes clear. Trying to stop without a braking system for a towed vehicle can be an accident waiting to happen, especially in terms of momentum and stopping distance. Having to stop your motorhome suddenly for any reason can spell trouble if your towed vehicle does not slow down fast enough. Likewise in case of a breakaway, the right braking system can keep your towed vehicle from veering out of control. Roadmaster offers several versions to suit your needs, as well as the additional supplies needed for the system to work properly.