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RV 30 Amp Surge ProtectorTraveling in your RV means parking and plugging into various potentially unreliable power sources. Most RV parks genuinely do their best to maintain their electrical systems, but their are an abundant amount of possible malfunctions that either happen too quickly to be noticed or that are out of their control. A high level of use and advanced age of a facility can greatly increase the chances that their parking hook-ups may have faulty grounds, incorrect frequency, disconnected legs, voltage fluctuations and surges or a number of other problems. You cannot blindly trust that the RV park’s hookup and power grid are working properly. So,it is up to you to protect your RV with a heavy duty extension cord and a surge protector.
Protect Your Electronics With a Surge Protector for Your RV
A power surge has the ability to permanently damage any electronic device plugged into your RV. That means your TV, refrigerator, AC unit, microwave, stereo and lights are all at risk. Avoiding the devastating cost of replacing or repairing all of these items is as simple as using a surge protector for your RV whenever your plug it into a power source.
Establish a Safe Connection With an Rv Extension Cord
Another common cause of electrical damage comes from using an inadequate or damaged extension cord to connect the RV to a power source. While some people insist on using it, standard outdoor extension cord with an adapter piece simply will not work. You need to use a high voltage cord rated for either 30 or 50 amps, depending on your RV’s needs.
Don’t let your RV’s electronic get destroyed because of an avoidable accident by using an RV extension cord and one of the high-quality surge protectors from our store.

RV Surge Protection Prevents Electrical Problems