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Advent Air Digital ThermostatControlling the climate inside your RV is a simple and essential aspect of ensuring everyone's comfort. Older RVs are usually equipped with manual thermostats that become increasingly temperamental and inefficient as they age. Upgrading to a new digital thermostat will allow you to precisely control your RV’s internal temperature and keep everyone happy.
How a Digital Thermostat Makes Your Life Easier
1. No More Tinkering With a Manual Dial - Stop constantly adjusting a finicky dial thermostat to find and regulate the right temperature. A digital thermostat allows you to set the temperature you want and forget it as it keeps your cabin perfectly heated or cooled.
2. Simple Numerical Display - The display lets everyone know exactly what temperature the RV is currently at and what the desired temperature is. This means there will be no more arguments about whether it’s too hot or cold.
3. Controls Air Conditioning and Heating - Digital Thermostats combine all the heating and cooling controls into one intuitive system. They also work for both heat pumps and gas furnaces, so all your heating elements can be turned on and controlled with one interface.
How a Digital Thermostat in Your RV Saves Money
4. Avoid Over heating or Too Much Air Conditioning - The advanced monitoring technologies in digital thermostats make sure that your RV’s vents won’t be blasting too much heat or AC. It efficiently runs with just enough energy to reach the desired temperature.
5. Programmable Settings - Many thermostats are designed with the ability to program time dependent schedules for heating and cooling. This means you can run the heating or air conditioning at full power during the day but then automatically turn it down at night after everyone is asleep. This saves energy, money and guarantees your RV will be comfortable all the time.
Save money and live more comfortably by installing one of our digital thermostats in your RV.

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