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The thermostat in your RV can be considered the ‘brains’ of your heating and cooling system. It serves to keep you warm and toasty during chilly nights and nice and cool in the hot days of summer. In the last few decades, there have been many improvements in technology that have made thermostats more efficient and user friendly. Ask yourself – does your RV have separate thermostats for its heating and cooling units? Is yours an older recreational vehicle? Have you ever had trouble with the thermostat in your RV? If any of these are true, you may want to consider upgrading to a Digital RV Thermostat, even if your current one seems to be operating properly.
Considering All The Options
A new Digital RV Thermostat can save you money while keeping you in comfort. Even the most basic Digital RV Thermostats can be easier to use than their outdated models because of their push button controls and large digital displays. There are a wide range of options available to ensure that you have the best fit for your personal needs. When upgrading, you should consider:
  • The thermostat size. Everything in an RV is designed to fit in a small space. Be sure that your RV’s new Digital Thermostat will fit in the space available.

  • Single or dual purpose. Often the heating and cooling units in an RV have separate thermostats. Are you planning to combine the thermostats into a single unit, or keep them separate?

  • Programmability options. There are huge variations in the amount of programming options available between Digital RV Thermostat models. Some will only allow a single program, to have a day setting and a night setting for instance. Others have multiple settings available daily and weekly, making it possible to set multiple temperatures in a single day, or have different settings for different days. Having the option to set your thermostat based on your usage patterns can really save money on heating and cooling in the long term. However, this is an option that can affect the price of the thermostat quite a bit. You will want to consider how you use your RV, and determine which price point and options will best suit your needs.
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