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Water Tank Level Indicators

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Seelevel II 709 Monitor Seelevel II Model 709 Tank Monitoring System Model 709-RP SeeLeveL II Model 709-4P SeeLeveL II
Sensor Board - For use with all model 709 tank monitor systems Seelevel II 709-4-1004 Tank Monitoring System Garnet 709-P3W Seelevel II Model Tank Monitor Seelevel II Junior Sensor Board
Seelevel II Tank Monitor SeeLevel II 714 Tank Monitoring System Model 709-4PH SeeLeveL II Model 709-A SeeLeveL II
Garnet 714-1003 Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System
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Garnet 709-P3W-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only Garnet 709-4-MO SeeLevel II Monitor Only Garnet 709-4P-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only Seelevel II Monitor
Garnet 709-RP-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only Garnet 714-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only Garnet 709-PH-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only Seelevel II Monitor
Garnet 709-P3-MO Seelevel II Monitor Only
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Garnet 709-4LP Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System Garnet Aladdin Wiring Harness Garnet Seelevel II Temperature Sender Garnet Seelevel II Model Tank Monitor System
Garnet Seelevel II Tank Monitoring System W/Alarm Garnet 16" Seelevel II Sensor Board Garnet Seelevel II Monitor Only W/Alarm Garnet Seelevel 714 Gasket

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This is a General overview of the Seelevel wiring when adding a second display in the outside sewer bay. Since Seelevel uses a bus style wiring system with each sensor having a unique identifier, electrical signals can travel back and forth on just one wire. This makes it much easier to wire in that second monitor using the existing wiring that was used by the RV manufacturer.
Seelevel is the Number One name in RV tank monitoring systems so we are proud at RV Upgrades to offer the complete line of Seelevel products to our valued customers. With water tank gauges ranging from simple sensor boards to state-of-the-art displays for monitoring all tank levels in one unit, Seelevel has a monitor that will suit your RV.
The systems come with a variety of capabilities depending on the model and include level measurement, battery voltage, as well as pump and heater switches and pilot out indicators. Each system comes with Garnet's proprietary externally mounted tank sensors for fresh water, grey water, and black water tanks. There is no sensor inside the tank, so all the usual problems of corrosion and clogging are eliminated. Individual sensors can measure tanks up to 12 inches tall. For tanks up to 24 inches in height, two sensors can be stacked. The systems are designed with bus style wiring allowing for multiple sensors on a single wire for easy installation using existing wiring. This allows for remote displays to be added to the sewer bay.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Seelevel’s water tank level indicators and monitors. Our experts are standing by!

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