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While the whole point of getting out on the open road for some people is to unplug themselves from the world, it's still a good idea to have your electronics when you need them. Whether it's a GPS for your navigation, a tablet computer for providing entertainment, or just a cell phone for communication purposes it helps to be able to keep your gadgets charged.

If you want to be able to do this without putting any additional strain on your vehicle then these RV accessories are just what you've been looking for.

1. RV Mounted Solar Panels

If you're driving in the sun all day then why let all that perfectly good energy go to waste? Mounting solar panels on the roof of your RV is a great way to charge and run your devices without putting any extra strain on the battery. These panels can also be mounted on rotating poles so that you can always get the most energy throughout the day. Whether you're driving or camping as long as the sun comes up you're drawing power out of thin air.

2. RV Mounted Wind Turbines

Speaking of pulling power out of thin air RV mounted wind turbines like the Air Breeze Wind Turbine can make the best of a cool breeze. Whether you're camping in the mountains or just taking it easy for a day or so before you get back out on the road there's no reason to plug into a public grid when you can just generate your own power.

3. Power-Generating Camp Stove

While it might sound like a gimmick products like the BioLite Camp stove are very real, and they can be a life saver. Compact and simple, you put some sticks and twigs into the burning area, and while you're using the fire to cook the leftover heat is absorbed by the stove and turned into electricity which you can use to charge dozens of different electronics. As long as you have a desire to get out and roast some smores, why let all the extra power you're generating go to waste?

To find out about even more great RV accessories and solutions simply contact us today!

By Kathleen Garry

RV Accessories To Keep Your Electronics Charged

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