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Eternabond EB-UVPW-1G UV Protector 1 Gallon
Eternabond UV Protector Gallon
Eternabond EB-UVPW-1G UV Protector 1 Gallon

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Product Code: EB-UVPW-1G

DESCRIPTION Instructions
  • 1 gallon can UV Protectant.
  • Used with WebSeal or as a separate coating.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 40 degrees F or during high humidity.
  • Can be tinted to match the color of the surface.
  • 2 coats can last 10 years.
  • Made in USA.

1 Gallon UV Protector by Eternabond

If you're looking for a UV protectant for your RV roof, the Eternabond UV Protector - 1 Gallon would work great for you. It is to be used with WebSeal Leak Repair Tape or as separate coating for protection against harmful UV rays on areas exposed to sunlight. This coating is easily brushed on to prolong the roof service life and reduce interior building temperatures and associated cooling costs.

Preparation And Application

Before you can apply a UV Protectant you must make sure the surfaces is clean and dry, no moisture can be on the surface for application. Mix the contents at a minimum of 5 minutes before, then apply by airless spray, roller or brush. Formulated with 100% acrylic polymers, high quality reflective white pigments, this protectant will reflect the suns rays on various roof tops and other surfaces. If you choose you can add a tint to match the color of the surface, apply two coats for up to 10 years of lasting protection.


The UV protector requires all surfaces to be clear of water, avoid applying during cool temperatures and high humidity. Do not apply if weather conditions after application (up to 48 hours) are expected to be cold or rainy. If used at temperatures below 32 F degrees, Eternabond will freeze and become unusable.

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