How to Repair a Rubber Roof
02/09/2015 Back to RV Accessories Article Home

Tools required: WebSeal® and EternaShield Tintable Roof Coating

Step 1. Everything you need:
  • EternaBond® Leak Repair Tape
  • EternaBond® Tintable UV Protector and brush
  • Scissors
  • Cloth
Step 2. Clean the area to be repaired - the cleaner and drier the better.
( EternaBond® tapes will usually aggressively bond to non-cleaned surfaces, however, we suggest using EternaClean, or acetone applied to a rag and wiping the area to be repaired, or briskly rubbing the area with a dry towel. )
Step 3. Cut tape to length required.
Step 4. Remove the release liner.
Step 5. Start the repair by placing one end of the tape to the surface.
Step 6. Finish putting tape over repair area. EternaBond® is pressure sensitive tape. Minimal stretching of the tape is recommended.
Step 7. Paint on two coats of EternaBond® UV Protector. You're Done! A permanent repair in less than 10 minutes. You're ready to go! NO WAITING!

( EternaBond® Tintable UV Protector is only required when using WB-Seal on areas exposed to sunlight. All other EternaBond® leak repair products are UV protected and require no other protection. UV Protector can be tinted to match most surface colors. This step can be performed at a future time. )