How to Repair a Rubber Roof Seam
02/09/2015 Back to RV Accessories Article Home

Recommendation: review repairing a roof tear first.

Step 1. Shown, a typical factory roof seam.
  • Gently clean the surface.
  • Cut EternaBond® to length.
Step 2. Place EternaBond® tape right over the original seal.
( EternaBond® will not adhere to silicone. All silicone and silicone residue that runs along the edge of the EternaBond® must be removed. )

Step 3. Cover the entire seal. Smooth down the EternaBond® tape with your hand, applying pressure as you rub.

Step 4. Apply two coats of EternaBond® UV Protector (if required). Better than new! This repair took less than 20 minutes and the RV was ready to drive! NO WAITING!

An entire roof reseaming can take as little as 2 hours, and it's permanent!