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Eternabond EB-EPGAC EternaPrime Gallon RV Roof Primer
Eternabond EternaPrime Gallon Primer
Eternabond EB-EPGAC EternaPrime Gallon RV Roof Primer

: $116.83
MFG: Eternabond
Weight (lbs): 10

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Product Code: OPG-1

DESCRIPTION Instructions
  • Specially formulated primer used with EternaBond Tapes, butyl tapes and many other adhesive seaming tapes.
  • VOC exempt solvent- Meets all federal health and safety standards.
  • Aids in the bonding of EternaBond tape to the surface.
  • Great for installing in temperatures between 40 F and -20 F degrees.
  • Use on: dirty surfaces which are difficult to clean, potentially loose surfaces, porous surfaces, and anytime temperatures are below 40 F degrees.
  • Do not use on PVC!
  • 1 gallon.
  • Made in USA.

EternaPrime Gallon Surface Primer

The Eternabond EternaPrime Gallon is the perfect way to prepare a surface before applying a sealant tape. This special primer formula is safe to use and by using a coalescing agent it will bring all the loose debris together, forming a solid platform to give you a smoother bonding surface. It is ideal to use EternaPrime on surfaces that are hard to clean or are made of materials like tar, gravel, mortar, wood and concrete, especially when the temperature is below 40 F degrees.

How To Apply

Before applying, the surface must be clean and dry, you can use the Eternaclean for an easy clean up, or any non-residue cleaner. For application, make sure you stir the primer well, then brush or roll onto the surface being prepared. At 60 F degrees allow the surface to dry for 15 minutes before applying tape, if it is colder allow it to set for 30 minutes. Do not use EternaPrime on PVC roofs as reactivation of some plasticizers may occur.

Technical Data

Application temperature: 205°F to -20°F
Coverage: 300+ Sq Ft per gallon
Drying Time at 60°F: 15 minutes
Film Thickness: +/- 4 mils when wet
Flash Point: 110°F
Can Size: gallon
Viscosity: 135 - 152 cps
Additional Product Information

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