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Jensen AM/FM/USB Waterproof Stereo with BluetoothAlmost everyone enjoys listening to music while on a road trip. Sometimes that even involves making a playlist, which over time has taken the form of mix tapes and CDs. Nowadays, however, having a playlist of digital music files is becoming the norm. If this is the case for you, there are different ways to connect an external device, such as a tablet or smartphone, to an existing stereo system in your RV. This can include an auxiliary (AUX) input, USB port or Bluetooth capability. Bluetooth has the advantage of being wireless, so you won't have to keep a phone, tablet or other device physically hooked up to a stereo system. There are a few Bluetooth capable systems available from Jensen, each with different characteristics depending on your preferred entertainment format.
There are several advantages to using Bluetooth as a means to play music. Using digital files certainly frees up space from having to store separate CDs or a CD case elsewhere in your RV. Bluetooth allows you to control playback almost from wherever you are. As long as your device is in range, the stereo will be able to pick up a Bluetooth signal when its enabled. You don't even necessarily have to be inside your RV, signals can be picked up from your device while you are in the surrounding campsite as well. A saved playlist of stored music isn't your only option, either. This is also ideal for anyone who wishes to stream audio from internet radio or a mobile music app such as Pandora. Bluetooth is also easy to implement and use, without needing a lot of technological knowledge for operation.
If you are the type that relies primarily on a digital playlist during RV travel, the Jensen Bluetooth Wall Mount Stereo may be your best bet. It is simply a radio with options for streaming audio, without needing a CD player. For marine use, there is a waterproof version that can also withstand exposure to RV radiation. Its waterproof rating indicates protection from water jets. For a more comprehensive system, the Jensen DVD/CD Bluetooth stereo can take care of almost all of your entertainment options. It can play nearly any format of CD or DVD, while also supporting Bluetooth for your mobile devices. All three of these units also have the means of using an AUX input or USB. Just as with the other stereo systems, these units will pick up local radio stations with the ability to save preset favorites.
By Julie T

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