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Bigfoot Wireless Leveling System Keeping your RV level can be especially important depending on your chosen campsite. Campsites may not always have the most even ground, so you'll want to make sure your coach stays level. This benefits a number of aspects, from keeping the items in your RV on an even surface, to making sure you are comfortable when walking around or even sleeping inside. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of a hydraulic leveling system. Hydraulic levelers may have come with your motorhome, but if you are looking to upgrade, there are several Bigfoot leveling system options available, depending on your needs and type of RV.
Bigfoot manually operated systems allow you to control cylinder operation. When programming, you can extend each cylinder individually with the controller, although it is best to operate them in pairs. Extending the cylinders in pairs avoids the risk of potentially damaging the frame of your coach by lifting only one corner. With the control panel mounted in your dash, you can easily make adjustments from inside your RV. They are currently available for Class C Chevy 3500/4500 and Sprinter Class B & C motorhomes.
There are also manual systems available with a wireless option that includes a remote control. The remote allows you to operate the system from outside your coach if needed. Just as with the standard manual systems, programming and adjustments are done yourself. They feature an alarm to alert you if one or more of the cylinders are still down before you try to drive. Wireless systems are available for Class A (gas chassis), as well as Class C Ford E-450 and Chevy 4500 motorhomes. Both the wireless and manual leveling systems have a one pump assembly.
For an even easier operation, the automatic systems will operate themselves in pairs with the touch of a button. When powered on, the LEDs on the control panel indicate where the lowest and second lowest points are located. The cylinders will level the coach at the lowest point, with an indicator light that lets you know when the RV is even. There should be no movement inside your RV while the cylinders are in operation. An audio alarm will prevent you from accidentally attempting to drive with the cylinders down. Each of the cylinders has its own pump and reservoir so they remain self-contained. The control panel can be mounted inside your coach nearly anywhere you wish. The control panel also features a manual override button in case you want to operate the cylinders yourself. Automatic systems are available for the same types of motorhomes as the manual systems, along with the Class A (gas chassis) and Class C Ford E-450 chassis motorhomes.
Bigfoot leveling systems come with all the necessary components, including brackets, hoses, controllers and 4 cylinders. They feature large foot pads, which measure 10" x 10", to spread the point of contact over a bigger surface area. They can be installed professionally or on your own. If you have any further questions on which one may be right for you, please contact us.
By Julie T

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