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O.K. now that you have stopped laughing over that title, there are times to think about items that your RV maybe in need of and what better time than when relaxing. As summer deepens we tend to see the end of the camping season in the not to distant future and begin to think about other things such as home improvements, getting the kids ready for school and where we might store the RV for the winter. But if you remember last winter, you'll have plenty of time for that later. Don't let anyone tell you that daydreaming about an RV GPS or repairing cabinet hardware is not a valuable use of your time! You've worked hard to get and keep that RV and ensuring it stays in perfect condition should be high on your list. So before we put a cover on the RV and call it a season, let's look at a few ways we might just pass some time thinking about RV parts & accessories.

Here's how:

1. Get the family together for a game of When Pigs Fly and discuss any issues they may have spotted in the RV.

2. Take a leisurely walk around the campground taking note of interesting accessories you see on other RV's.

3. Spend some time shooting the breeze with camping friends about up grades they may have made to their motorhome or trailer.

Tada! How fun was that! Like you really needed me to tell you how to dream about RV parts & accessories.

Maybe you won't get around to installing the parts until you get that last fall trip in, but at least you wont be wishing you had stopped by our site before the end of the season. And if Labor Day marks the end of your season, maybe a night parked in the driveway in your camper could ease you out of camping mode. Didn't you invest in your RV so that you could spend time where you love to be?

By Bill Rowell

Dreaming of RV Parts & Accessories