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LED LightingWhen it's time for simple RV upgrades that an owner can manage themselves, one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your RVing experience is to switch out the incandescent or halogen bulbs for more modern LED bulbs. Here are 5 reasons why you would want to switch.
1. Less heat - Older style bulbs in an RV generate more heat during use than LED bulbs. This heat can make a distinct difference during summer camping, causing your air conditioning unit to work harder. If you have your young children or grandchildren camping with you, those hot bulbs can also present a danger to them as RV lights are often set low, in places where the kids could reach them and be burned.
2. Greater resistance to vibration - As your RV rumbles down the road, everything shakes and vibrates a little bit. For light bulbs, that means their internal elements can shift. LED bulbs have a greater resistance to vibration and fewer tiny parts to potentially be damaged.
3. Longer lasting - Replacement LED's may seem expensive compared to the bulbs your RV is currently using but each bulb lasts around 50,000 hours. That long life added to their increased hardiness for long drives means that you'll probably never have to replace them after the initial investment.
4. Increased energy efficiency - LED bulbs use 90% less energy than halogen. In a campground with included electricity, that may not matter much but more campgrounds are going to a model of separate electricity payments. If you're using the RV batteries, you'll definitely appreciate the energy savings.
5. Task specific light colors - They come in three main colors. Cool white looks almost blue to some people and is the brightest. Warm white closely matches the color of incandescent bulbs. Natural white is between the two. You can mix and match them to have the brightest lights where you need them for task lighting and softer white in places where the brighter bulbs might inhibit sleep, like the reading light above your bed.
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By Heather L

Switching to LED Bulbs