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Camco Premium Drinking Water HoseNot all RV water hoses are the same. Those intended for drinking water are constructed differently and made from different materials than other types of hoses. This can be related to the materials used in the hose itself, as well as in the connection fixtures on each end. Non-drinking water safe hoses can release harmful substances such as lead or BPA into the water. Thankfully there are several different types of hoses made from materials that are safe to use for drinking water. There are some commonalities among them, mainly relating to drinking water safe materials, but there are differences as well.
The Camco Premium Water Hose is NSF certified, meaning it meets NSF International's standards for drinking water system components. This puts restrictions on the amount of substances that can be exposed to the water supply. It boasts a 20% greater thickness than other hoses for even more durability. The strain relief on each end eliminates kinking at the connection points. The ends are nickel plated to comply with various low lead laws in different states. The plastics used are BPA free and the hoses vary in length, from 10 to 50 feet.
Camco also offers two different types of hoses from the TastePURE range. The standard version is made from white PVC and is reinforced to avoid kinking. These hoses come in 25 or 50 foot lengths. When your RV travels take you to colder locations, the TastePURE heated drinking water hose may be more to your liking. It uses electricity to power the heating element that runs along the full length of the hose. It has the advantage of being self-regulating, which gets rid of the need to have a separate thermostat. This will keep your drinking water from freezing inside the hose. Keep in mind that this heated hose will need to be connected to a power supply, as it runs on 120V AC. Heated TastePURE hoses come in 12' 25' or 50' lengths. All of Camco's drinking water hoses are also BPA free.
The Apex NeverKink water hose is constructed using reflex mesh, which is a self straightening material that will keep the hose from kinking. Like Camco's premium hose, it is NSF tested and certified, as well as being lead free. It also features MicroShield protection, which prevents mold and bacteria from growing inside the hose. Mold and bacteria can be a hazard especially if the hose is left outside with water still in it, or if it's left sitting in the sun. Apex NeverKink drinking water hoses are available in 25 or 50 foot lengths.
If storage is your issue, Shoreline Reels has a motorized hose reel with a drinking water safe hose. A motorized reel gives you the convenience of easy retraction without needing to manually operate it. The hose itself also meets NSF standards and is IAPMO Approved, meaning it meets standard set by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. The hose is 40 feet, and the reel only weighs 16 pounds with the hose. It uses 12V DC power and the reel features a steel and aluminum construction.
Uses for these hoses go beyond just drinking water. They are useful for almost any time the water comes in contact with people. This can include cooking, washing dishes, rinsing off food, or filling water containers.