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Bike CarrierWith spring already here and the weather getting nicer, outdoor activities such as biking, might be something that you are thinking about for your next camping trip. What is the best way to transport you and your families bikes to your destination, without having to put them inside the RV and take up valuable space? Purchasing a bike carrier to hook up to your RV can be an excellent way to take your bikes on the road and have them easily available whenever the mood strikes. In order for you to find a carrier that is fitting for use with your RV, it's important that you keep in mind the size of the bikes and the number of bikes that you will be needing to haul. Taking the time to compare the differences of these carriers can ensure that the best purchase is made.
Capacity for Bikes
While the majority of carriers can hold one to four bikes, we do carry a couple that can transport up to five bikes on one carrier. The size of the bikes will often determine the kind of carriers that you can find. A combination of adult and children bikes can often be held in a carrier that is equipped for several while large mountain bikes may only fit onto a two-bike carrier.
Another aspect to think about when choosing a bike carrier, is how you want it to be mounted to your vehicle. Here are a few mounting ways for your RV.
Hitch Mounts
Hitch mounts are generally the go-to choice for most RV owners due to how versatile they are and the ability to mount in just a few minutes. If you have other uses for your hitch, then this may not be the option for you. You can choose one that allows you to attach a towball, so you can still tow a trailer behind you. Before ordering one of these hitches, it's important to measure the bikes so that they can fit snugly without the risk of falling out.
Bumper Mounts
Another popular option is bumper mounts, although they can only be equipped to RVs that have a square bumper design. Determining whether the bumper is compatible with a particular carrier can ensure that the installation goes smoothly. These bumper mounted bike carriers can also be used to carry other equipment when not being used to transport bikes.
Ladder Mounts
Generally available in only frame-mount options, ladder mounts allow bikes to be strapped into the carrier. Keeping in mind the dimensions of your ladder can help ensure that the carrier can be used without any errors in performance or during the installation process.
For additional information regarding the various carriers that can be used to haul bikes on RVs, please contact us.
By Heather L

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