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RV Hose ReelHooking up your RV when you arrive at the campground and unhooking when it's time to leave are probably the least enjoyable parts of your vacation. If you're still climbing half-way into your rear storage compartment to hang hoses on the wall or shoving electrical cords into your basement compartment, it's time to choose a better option to store your camper supplies. Organization saves you time that could be better spent having fun and it also prolongs the life of your necessary items.
Electrical cord reels keep your power cord neatly wound up when not in use. Hose reels are most commonly used for drinking water hoses but if you need a separate hose to flush your black tank, a second hose reel could store the other hose safely until it is needed.
Both types of reels come in manual crank or power wind styles. Both styles come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The motorized style of both types needs to be hardwired into the coach but is ultimately less work to use. The manual crank style is simpler and more work, but typically weighs less.
Either style will keep your supplies neatly organized and prolong their lifespan. Kinks or knots in your electric cord can create areas of damage that could reduce efficiency or lead to fires. Kinks or knots in a stored water hose create similar areas of wear that can lead to leaks. Damage to these necessary lines that tie your RV to the campground can turn a relaxing vacation into a frantic shopping trip.
In addition to storing your hoses and electric cords neatly when not in use, these reels can help to keep your campsite neat and safe. By leaving most of the hose or electric cord wound up on the reel, you eliminate the tripping danger of excess cord on the ground.
Contact us for help choosing the cord or hose reels that will fit best in your RV and meet your needs.
By Heather L

RV Cord and Hose Reel

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