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Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray
When you are on the road it is important to make sure that any expensive equipment you bring along is being transported safely. Carrying large heavy equipment also brings a level of responsibility, not only for your own safety, but for the safety of others on the road. Once parked, you will also want to make sure your cargo is not prone to thieves. The Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray takes care of many of these issues by offering a safe secure way to carry expensive equipment.
The Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray makes it easier to transport and store equipment you cant afford to lose. It is most ideally suited for generators, but it is useful for types of large motorized items as well. It uses a wide security strap to keep your item in place and can be locked for added protection from theft. The open design allows you the convenience of having access to your cargo without always needing to take it off the tray. The installation is not complicated, and it works on front or rear receiver hitches. It is made here in the USA and is built to last, coming with a lifetime warranty.
Owning such items as a generator is an investment, and the Torklift Lock and Load Cargo Tray keeps those investments protected. It will save you from costly repairs to your RV due to damage from theft, as well as from the expensive replacement of your equipment. You will have added security knowing that your items are being safely transported while traveling.
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Torklift Lock And Load Maximum Security Cargo Tray