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Ok, campers fall is here! A. There is nothing quite like RVing in the fall, the sights are a bit prettier, the landscapes more colorful, and the trip just a touch more comfortable for all. But those cooler temperatures also mean that the humidity levels in your RV can rise with windows closed to keep you warm. If you've noticed condensation building up on windows and walls as the temperatures fall it's time to consider a powered RV vent fan. Since RV's tend to have limited insulation from the cold it's hard to keep that warm moist air on the inside from collecting on the cold windows and walls of your camper. With a powered vent fan at work pulling that air out of your RV, you can keep condensation at bay. Here is a list of the current top models has to offer.
Top 3 Powered Vent Fan Picks
  • MaxxAir 00-04000K White Powered Vent With Thermostat: Wow, this fan has it all. It quickly and quietly removes musty, stale and odors from your RV while replacing them with fresh clean air using a simple to use touch control module keypad. The MaxxAir with thermostat is as easy to clean as it is to control. Cleaning the vent screen requires no tools are hardware, simply rotate the retaining screws and rinse away debris. The twin lifting arms offer extra durability and wind resistance which effectively stops fluttering in high winds and while driving.
  • MaxxAir 00-07500K Maxxfan Smoke Deluxe Vent Fan With Remote: This innovative Maxxfan Smoke Deluxe uses a handy remote to control all operations. This means no reaching and bending to adjust or close the vents. When closed, this Maxxfan conveniently acts as a ceiling fan to help circulate air within the RV. The built in rain cover prevents water from entering the RV even when the vent is open.
  • Fan-Tastic 6000RBTA Dome Sensor Vent With Thermostat: This vent fan uses sensor technology to automatically closes when rain or wet weather is detected, keeping your passenger compartment warm and dry. Once the sensor dries and the skies have cleared, the vent re-opens to continue circulating fresh clean air into your RV. This vent is thermostat controlled and very easy to clean making it one of the best no-fuss vent fans currently on the market.

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By Bill Rowell

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