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LSL Toad-Charge Vehicle Battery Charger The LSL Products Toad-Charge Dinghy Vehicle Battery Charger & Maintainer keeps the battery charged on your towed vehicle, eliminating the problem of a battery discharge due to an auxiliary braking system. The Toad-Charge includes a charge regulator, circuit breaker, 40 or 60 foot wiring harnesses & the applicable hardware. Because the harnesses are permanently installed, you do not need to disconnect them when your vehicle is not being towed. All the necessary parts are included, making the Toad-Charge easier to install. The Toad-Charge also has LEDs to indicate the current status of the charge. The Yellow light indicates the battery is being charged, the green shows that a full charge is being maintained and the red LED will only light if the unit is not wired correctly.
The Toad-Charge is made to work with all types of motorhomes and dinghy vehicles that use 12v electrical systems and will not overcharge your battery. There is no need to uninstall it, but it can be unplugged when it is not in use. It can actually help to extend the life of the battery and protects against short circuiting. The battery does not get charged when your RV is turned off and the towed vehicle can be driven by itself without having to disconnect the Charge Regulator. The Charge Regulator is essentially disconnected while the tow bar cable is unplugged. The Toad-Charge is made here in the USA and comes with mounting hardware.
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LSL Toad-Charge Dinghy Vehicle Battery Charger