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Some of the most important RV accessories you can buy include those that will keep the possessions you carry with you on your RV safe in every possible way. One way to increase security is by using locks on your items when you travel. These locks can make you feel safer while also keeping your possessions secure, just like they would at home. Here are a few such examples, including those that may not be obvious to you at first.
Durasafe BOLT Receiver LockOne example of a common type would be the receiver lock to keep your hitch secure. The line of receiver locks from Durasafe is unique in that they can be coded to your specific vehicle's key. This saves you from having to carry around more keys than you need, and also reduces the risk of losing the key, as it works with one you use all the time. The first time you insert your vehicle's key, the lock becomes permanently coded to that key. The receiver locks feature a 5/8" diameter stainless steel pin and are available for Ford, Chrysler/Dodge and GM models.
Mobile Outfitters Keyless Door LockAnother way to add security and convenience is with a keyless RV door lock. Mobile Outfitters offers a keyless door lock that works for campers, 5th wheels and several types of trailers. It is easy to use and install, with a very durable construction. It comes with a key fob wireless remote for easy locking and unlocking, while the keypad has over 1 million possible combinations. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for someone to try and break in. The system also comes with 2 keys, in the event that you need a manual override to gain entry.
Curt Security CableFor securing things such as bicycles or other similar types of equipment, Curt Manufacturing has a 6 foot steel security cable. It is wrapped in rubberized plastic, so it is easier to handle, while its versatility makes it useful at home and on the road. It is a great way to ensure that your personal items are safe from anyone who may try to take them.

These are of course, specific examples of locks that can be used around your RV. If you need assistance in choosing the type of lock that's right for you, please contact us.
By Julie T

RV Locks That Keep Your Motorhome Safe

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