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As you probably know, having a braking system in place is necessary in most states when towing a vehicle. The right braking system can control the stopping on a towed vehicle without putting additional strain on your RV's brakes. However, different braking systems are suited to different needs and perform better under different circumstances. With both portable and permanent system available, you may need to consider your requirements first. Brake Buddy has several models to provide protection and reduce stopping distance.

Brake Buddy Vantage SelectThe Brake Buddy Vantage Select is a portable braking system. Portable systems are ideal if you are often going to be switching out your towed vehicle. This model gives you the ability to choose between full braking or proportional braking. Full braking mode will take on the full weight of the towed vehicle, while proportional braking will cause the vehicle to slow down in the same manner your RV does. Switching between each setting allows you to adapt with any changing conditions. It comes with a wireless remote that can give you current info on the braking mode, as well as alert you if a breakaway occurs. The Vantage Select also lets you make certain adjustments while driving.

Brake Buddy Classic The Classic model, also a portable system, is available with a digital display, making it is easier to read. It helps to reduce stopping distance by featuring a quick reaction time, which is especially helpful for an abrupt stop. There's less risk of an improper set-up, as the Classic model can give you safety cues to ensure correct performance. This easy to use system is also lightweight, increasing its portability. In case of a breakaway, it can alert you to the problem, as well as bring the towed vehicle to a stop

Brake Buddy StealthIf you are looking for a more permanent system, the Brake Buddy Stealth may be just what you need. Permanent systems work best in situations where the same vehicle gets towed without being switched out. The Stealth has the only dual controller in the industry, allowing it to work with both towed vehicles or trailers. The compact design lets you keep it out of sight, under the seat, or even in the trunk. Like other models, this system is also capable of being adjusted while on the road. One drawback to permanent systems is that they can take longer to install, however the Stealth is designed to be installed 5x faster. The easy set-up can save you time and effort, especially with the 'plug-n-go' capabilities. It even includes testing mode to ensure optimum performance before putting it use on the road.

If you are unsure what brake system to choose, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

By Julie T

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