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EternaBond RoofSeal Tape If you’re an RV owner, you are most likely well aware how important Eternabond can be when it comes to patching leaks in your vehicle’s roof. While Eternabond is commonly used to repair leaks, it is also ideal for a number of other applications as well. Here are a few examples of uses for this handy product you may not have given much thought to before.
Leak Protection for Other Surfaces
Eternabond can not only help seal RV roofs, but it can also be used to prevent leaks on surfaces besides your camper's roof. This product is so durable that it has sometimes been used to repair leaks in swimming pools and garden ponds. It can be placed around the edges of skylights on your home’s roof, or used to patch holes in garden hoses, for example. EternaBond RoofSeal is a sealant tape that can be used on a large number of materials, making it perfect for many different types of leak repair. It's ability to expand or contract with the surrounding conditions allows it to be used in any amount of outdoor applications.
Tent, Awnings and Canopies
The life expectancy of Eternabond can be as long as 35 years once applied. For this reason, people sometimes use it to repair things such as tents, canvas chairs or awnings. Instead of throwing away items with minor rips or tears, you can repair them yourself with Eternabond and save yourself from the expense of replacement. For instances such as these EternaBond RoofSeal as well as WebSeal can be used, depending on the project and type of material. WebSeal features a woven backing and is made to be very flexible, which works well for uses such as boat seat repair.
Miscellaneous Uses
This product has a number of other miscellaneous uses around your home or RV, a few of which include repairing broken or damaged gutters, curb fabrications, pipe insulation repair, ductwork insulation repair, and storage tank repair. AlumiBond tape has an aluminum backing, coming in handy on metal surfaces. You can also paint over AlumiBond so it matches the surrounding area, so the repair will be less noticeable. The DoubleStick tape can be molded to fit in and around other objects. This allows it to be used as a gasket to fill in spaces and protect seams, so it is very effective for window installation.
Eternabond is very versatile, which is why it's a good idea to have some on hand at all times. The different types of tape can be ideally suited for different projects. If you need help finding the Eternabond product that’s right for your project, please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

Additional Uses for EternaBond Sealing Tape

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