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Tri-Lynx Motion Sensor Light Buying an RV means you have invested quite a bit into the idea of traveling and spending time outdoors, which means you also deserve to have the best experience possible. To make this happen, you will also want to invest in camping supplies that will enhance your trip while you are away from home. Here are a few examples of products that can make this happen:

Battery Pack

A battery pack will allow you to keep all your devices fully charged, so you won't have to worry about rationing power. You also won't run the risk of losing power to an important device, such as a phone, during a critical moment or emergency. NOCO carries a selection of battery packs, including the XGrid XGB3L. The XGB3L can charge smartphones, GPS systems, MP3 devices or almost anything else that can be charged via a USB port. The battery pack itself can be recharged through a USB port from solar chargers, AC adapters, laptops, etc. The casing is made to be ultra durable and resilient against moisture, while this particular model also has the added convenience of an LED flashlight.

Outdoor Tables & Chairs

Whether you are traveling alone or with a family, you can always benefit from portable chairs. You may even meet new people along the way, and being able to provide a nice seating area for everyone can lead to long conversations and other fulfilling moments. Additionally, having travel chairs is a way to stay comfortable when you spend time or entertain outside, not to mention they especially come in handy if you take camping trips frequently. There are several different styles of chairs available to suit your needs, including rocking chairs, director's chairs and reclining chairs. It doesn't have to stop with chairs either. Most likely you'll want a place to set food, drinks or other items. Outdoor tables can provide you with the extra space you need, with the portability to move them anywhere you want. For example, Ming's Mark offers an aluminum folding table that not only has an adjustable height, it also comes with a mesh shelf to store even more items. Other types of tables include wooden and plastic models, available in different styles.

Portable TV Antenna

It has been mentioned here before how a portable TV antenna can bring greater enjoyment to a camping trip. Being able to catch your favorite shows on your TV while on the road brings you more of the comforts of home. The Winegard G2 Carryout is a portable satellite TV antenna that can accommodate up to two receivers, so different shows can be viewed off separate TVs from the same satellite. Its compact design means it won't take up much room, and it works with DISH as well as DIRECTV. The G2 Carryout's portability saves you from having to permanently mount the antenna, although it can be converted to a permanent device if you desire.

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By Julie T

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