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Easy Reel Spooler

The Easy Reel Spooler is the latest innovative product from MOR/ryde. When it comes time to store your power cord choose Mor/Ryde Easy Reel Spooler. This reel will help you to make sure it stays neat, with less of a chance of the cord getting tangled, without taking up too much space. Handling the power cord can be a hassle, as it is heavy and awkward to work with. The Easy Reel utilizes a design to allow for quick and simple wrapping up and storing of your 50 amp power cord. The Easy Reel is made to fit in small places such as baggage areas. The power cord is condensed down into a 7 ½” footprint. The hand crank can be mounted to work either way, whether your right or left handed and lets you to easily roll up the cord without exerting too much effort. If you choose your may also clean the power cord as your reel it in so the next time you use the it, it won't be dirty. It features rugged steel construction and high quality powder coat finish. The Mor/ryde Easy Reel spooler gives you a simple and convenient way to store your power cord.
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By Heather Ledenican

RV Easy Reel Spooler

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