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Cutting BoardWhether your RV kitchen is on wheels or good old terra firma, one thing is clear, cutting boards are quite important. They protect our countertops from damage and our foods from pathogens. In addition, some of them can even double as tables or counter space. What isn’t so cut and dry is the process of determining which motor home accessory is right for the job. So to help everyone slice through the hype, here’s a look at our favorite ones:
When it comes to motorhome kitchen accessories, wooden cutting boards are a classic. They look attractive and are easy on knife blades. Camco and Picnic Time make several different ones. A noteworthy favorite is the Picnic Time Collection. They have everything from sports theme boards to cheese cutting board sets that include knifes. The Camco 43431 is also great because it can be used as a sink cover. The downside is that they need to be hand-washed, sanitized and oiled periodically.
If you don’t want the hassle of having to break out oils and dishwashing sponges, consider going with a plastic cutting board instead. They may be safely cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher. Plus, they never need to be oiled, re-stained or resealed. Be forewarned though. These motorhome accessories are not without downsides of their own. Due to plastic’s inherent nature, it can be notoriously rough on knife blades. That translates into periodic knife sharpening duties for some unlucky kitchen assistant. In addition, low quality products may develop scratches and stains that are hard to live with over time.
Thankfully, there are companies that make polyethylene cutting boards of excellent quality. They are less apt to cause travelers problems. Two companies that fall into that category are Progressive International and Camco. Many of their models come with built-in juice grooves and handles, which are great to have too.
Last on our favorite motorhome kitchen accessories list are flexible cutting mats. Because they are thin, malleable, durable and easy to clean, they make superb traveling companions. Just take a look at the Camco Stowaway Cutting Mat and you’ll see what we mean.
To discover more motor home accessories for the kitchen, please contact us. Our RV Upgrades staff would be happy to discuss additional ways to make your mobile kitchen a great place to be.
By Heather L

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