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Safe-T-Alert LP Gas AlarmUnsafe levels of LP or CO gases can lead to all sorts of problems, not the least of which is endangering your health. CO emissions are especially dangerous, considering that it is odorless and colorless. Gas leaks in an RV can be the result of several different sources, including faulty appliances or improper connections. Whether you need a new system or are just looking to upgrade, there are several different types of gas detectors and alarms available that can alert you to any possible trouble, including these examples:

The Safe-T-Alert Classic LP Gas Alarm is one such device that will raise an alarm when unsafe levels of gas are detected. In the event that such a leak occurs, the alarm is silenced once the area is being ventilated. If the space is not safely cleared of the gas, the alarm will sound again. As an added convenience, the alarm functions can be easily tested to make sure everything is functioning properly. It works well under extreme conditions, as it has a wide operating temperature range. It is also flush mounted, to keep the device from becoming obtrusive.

For a different approach, the Atwood Hydro Flame LP Leak Detector uses red or green lights to indicate low levels of LP gas. This detector will give off an audio alarm if higher, more dangerous levels are found. Even if there is no alarm, a red light still means that the area should be ventilated and the problem corrected, to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

If you are looking for dual protection, Safe-T-Alert features an alarm that works for CO and LP detection. Like the Classic model, this alarm also has an easy-to-use testing feature and can be quieted once the issue is being taken care of. It is made to monitor for unsafe levels of methane, carbon monoxide and propane gas.

Having a gas detection and alarm system can give you added peace of mind while you are on the road. Many of you may already have carbon monoxide gas detectors in your home. Taking the same precautions for your RV is just as important and just as necessary.

By Julie T

Gas Detectors to keep your family safe

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