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American Brass Gooseneck Faucet Whether you are working in your kitchen at home, the look of the plumbing fixtures can be just as important and their function. This is also true with the kitchen in your RV. Besides making sure the appliances in the kitchen meet your needs, the smaller details, such as the style of faucet, can add to the enjoyment of the space. The American Brass Gooseneck Faucet comes in three styles to fit several different types of d├ęcor.
The high arc on the neck of the faucet makes it ideal for filling pots and gives you extra room when washing larger size dishes. It features a one lever handle, so the temperature and water flow can be adjusted even if you have one of your hands full. The faucet head pulls down, with a 60" hose, so you can easily direct the water whichever way you want. The hose is also reinforced to promote greater durability.
This faucet is available in chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. A chrome finish goes a long way to create a modern look, which is perfect if the interior has a more contemporary appearance. It is also easy to clean. Brushed nickel is not as reflective as chrome, however it still presents a touch of elegance. Oil rubbed bronze is perfect for more traditional interiors, as it creates a more antique appearance. No matter what the finish, avoid using harsh chemicals on the surface, as the metal may have an unwanted reaction. All three come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Single-Lever Gooseneck Pull Down Kitchen Faucet