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Cook Air Black Portable GrillWood fire grilling brings a unique flavor to your meats and vegetables that other forms of grilling can't match. Oftentimes, however, grilling over an open wood fire takes a little skill, as the temperature can sometimes be difficult to regulate. It may also take some time to reach the appropriate temperature. The new Cook-Air grills bring the convenience of a portable grill with the flavor that comes from cooking over wood.
The Cook-Air grill has a unique system that employs a 5 speed fan to regulate the temperature and keep the fire burning. After using a fire starter such as the Cook-Air starter paper strips, a small piece of hardwood is then placed on top. The fan is turned on to its lowest setting to get the fire going, then can be turned up to its highest speed to reach temperatures of 1100°F in about 5 minutes. This is perfect for grilling thicker cuts of meat in a very short amount of time. When grilling other foods such as vegetables, the fan can be turned down to a more moderate level.
The base of the grill stays cool to the touch, so it can be used on any surface. The fan is electric, powered by eight D size batteries, or by plugging it in to an outlet or your vehicle's cigarette lighter. The 14" diameter cooking surface can accommodate frying pans or be used to smoke food if you choose. The grill weighs about 20 pounds, so you can take it almost anywhere: on an RV trip, to a cookout, or even to a tailgate party. After you are finished, the grill takes about 15 minutes to cool down. Clean-up is simple, using the cleaning brush that comes included. Ashes can be dumped into an appropriate receptacle. It also comes with a vinyl cover to protect it during transport and storage.
Keep in mind that the type of wood used needs to be appropriate for grilling. Wood that has been chemically treated, or woods from pine trees should not be used. If you don't have Cook-Air fire starter paper strips handy, a crumpled ball of paper that is safe to burn can also be used. If you have the lid on while grilling, don't cut off the air completely, there should still be space for a little circulation. The Cook-Air grill is available in red, black or gray and comes with accessories such as an AC adapter, grate handle, cigarette lighter adapter and instructional DVD.
By Julie T

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