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LSL Products PRO-LBA Programmable Low Battery AlarmWhen you are out on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is the possibility of losing battery power. A failed battery can mean an expensive replacement, which is an even bigger hassle if you are in a remote area. Luckily there are ways to be prepared for this problem, as well as prevent it from happening. LSL Products offers items such as low battery alarms and battery chargers to keep your RV's batteries in working condition.
If your batteries are low, the LSL Products programmable low battery alarm sends out an audio signal to let you know. The signal varies depending on whether the batteries are low or are almost dead. This device works for 12, 24, or 48 volt systems, with the ability to create your own voltage settings. It also visually gives you the status of your batteries through LED indicators. You'll be able to tell when it's time to charge your batteries, as well as protect them from an overdischarge. Overdischarge can cause damage to the battery, as well as decrease their usefulness.
The LSL Products battery chargers will keep your batteries charged, even when it comes time to put your motorhome into storage at the end of the season. Batteries can still continue to discharge when your RV is not in use. Using a battery charger/maintainer can avoid the issue of having your batteries going dead after a period of time. The TRIK-L-START is a 5 amp charger while the AMP-L-START is a 15 amp charger. The 5 amp version is available either with or without battery clips. Both units feature LED indicators, while the 15 amp version also includes a low battery alarm. They essentially 'steal' DC power from the house battery charger, so AC power cords are not needed. As an added feature, they can also work with solar panels when AC power is not readily available.
Thinking about your battery power doesn't need to become a stressful part of a road trip. If you have questions about which device is right for you, please contact us.
By Julie T

LSL Products for Vehicle Batteries

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