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Let's Go Aero Gear Cage LowPro Cargo Carrier Hard water is not only an issue at home, but can also be an issue in your RV as well. Hard water can affect the surfaces it comes in contact with, sometimes leaving stains or soap scum. The stains can build up and create water flow problems for pipes and faucets. It can also influence the performance of any appliances that use the water, such as coffee makers or washing machines. If you've got hard water, this indicates a high concentration of certain elements in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. There are a few methods to deal with hard water. One way to take care of the issues at their source is by implementing a water softener.

Using the regular table salt you already have on hand, the Flow-Pur RV-Pro 10,000 works to get rid of calcium, magnesium and small amounts of iron in your RV water supply. The 10,000 refers to the number of grains it can hold before regeneration is necessary, which is ideal for places that have particularly hard water. The built-in drain line flow restrictor improves regeneration, for a 55% greater capacity, and can be done without removing it from the system. The Flow-Pur RV Pro also comes with test strips, so you can see for yourself the current state of your water. Please note that a back-flush should be done about twice a year to clean the resin, as well as help prepare it for long term storage.

The next time you find yourself at a campground with hard water, you won't need to worry about the possible implications it may have on your RV plumbing system or appliances. You can eliminate the hassle of cleaning hard water stains or dealing with the water flow issues it causes. In the US, hard water is commonly found in the Midwest, Southwest, and Great Lakes regions, although smaller areas of hard water can be found in other locations as well.

By Julie T

Reduce Hard Water Stains with the RV-Pro 10,000

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