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RV Designer Blind QuieterWindow treatments are one of those design choices that fulfills a practical necessity as well as adds style to a space. Whether it's your own house or your RV, window treatments such as shades, curtains or blinds add privacy and keep the light out when you don't want it. With your RV's windows, there are additional things to consider that may not be an issue with your home windows. Are you hoping to spruce up your motorhome’s window treatments in time for your next camping trip? Or will it be your first time outfitting your RV's windows? If so, you might want to read through our tips on choosing new window treatments:
#1 Make sure you have the right measurement
Getting the proper measurement is crucial to making sure the window treatments will fit correctly for your windows. If you are measuring for curtains rather than shades or blinds, you'll need to keep in mind the additional length or width that may be needed to get the right look. Measuring for shades and blinds leaves less room for error or estimation, as they are intended to provide a more exact fit to your windows. The size of the track, especially the width, also needs to be taken into account. The tracks as well as the windows should be measured separately to ensure you have the correct measurements. Don't assume that everything is necessarily a uniform size.
#2 Use the correct hardware
Your motorhome’s drapery hardware will need to be compatible with the size of your space and the type of window treatments you are using. If anything needs replaced, parts such as sliding eyes, drapery hooks, curtain slide tracks and glide tape are available.
#3 Think about privacy, light & movement
Now that you have the basics of the RV’s window dimensions and hardware taken care of, it’s time to think about privacy, light and movement issues. Movement is one of those characteristics that isn't a problem in a stationary house, but definitely comes into play with your RV. To that end, you'll first want tie backs for any curtains. The tie backs will help prevent the curtains from moving around and keep them open while you’re driving. If you have blinds, they may be prone to rattling due to vibration while you’re on the road. In this case you may need a blind quieter, which will help keep distracting background noise at a minimum. Considering you'll most likely be at campgrounds or similar areas with other people around, it's important to maintain a safe level of privacy. Using a windshield cover on your RV exterior is one way to handle both light and privacy. Available for Class A and Class C, windshield covers keep the light out and prevent anyone from seeing inside your motorhome once it’s parked. Blocking the light not only helps at night while you are asleep, but also comes in handy during the day. Keeping the curtains or shades drawn to block the sun keeps the interior cooler on warm days. If you are running an AC unit, it won't have to work as hard to keep the inside at a comfortable temperature.
#4 Maintenance
Looking good is only one factor in choosing window treatments. If keeping them clean becomes a hassle, it eventually won't matter to you how well they coordinate. When it comes to curtains, it's best to use machine or hand washable fabrics. With blinds, a finish material such as baked enamel will clean up quicker and easier, no matter where you decide to park your RV.
If you have questions on window treatments or other upgrades for your RV, please feel free to contact us.
By Julie T

RV Window Treatment Tips

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