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Valterra Slunky 10' Sewer Hose Support In your home, you probably don't think too much about sanitation, as long as the plumbing works correctly. When it comes to motorhomes there are additional steps such as emptying the holding tank or using chemicals to eliminate odors. Dealing with your black and gray water tanks may not be an enjoyable task, but it is a necessary one. Luckily, there are motorhome supplies that can make these unpleasant chores more tolerable.
We have previously discussed the importance of a tank monitoring system, most recently going over the different options available to you. A good quality tank monitor with external sensors can provide you with the information you need. You'll always know when to dump your gray or black water tanks when you have an effective tank monitor. Note that the tanks should be at least 2/3 full before you dump them, and make sure the black water tank is emptied first. Emptying a tank that is mostly full makes them easier to drain, and emptying the gray water tank last will help to clear out residue left from the black water tank.
An upgrade you may want to consider for your RV is a macerator system for your black water tank. A macerator such as the Flojet Macerator Waste Pump can empty a tank within minutes. In addition, it grinds up particles to a 1/8th inch size to reduce clogs. Using a 3" sewer hose intake, it can pump the output though a 1" hose, such as a standard garden hose. This speeds up the dumping process in a campground or gives you the freedom to dump into your sewage system at home if you prefer. Speaking of sewer hoses, make sure your sewer hose is able to create tight connections to avoid the risk of leaks. A sewer hose such as Camco's Rhino Flex has a bayonet fitting at the RV's end, and a detachable adapter at the other end so it can universally fit into any sewer inlet. The Rhino Flex is strong and durable, while staying flexible without being flimsy.
Using a portable holding tank means you won't have to move your RV, making things easier. Some come with tow handles that can be pulled or attached to the ball hitch on a tow vehicle, and many of them feature a sewer hose attachment to make the process simpler. Whichever one you choose will depend mostly on your own preferences. They come in several different sizes to easily accommodate the size that works best for you. Certain models even have compartments to easily store sewer hose fittings.
These main items are only part of the equation. There are numerous chemicals that are made to break down substances in your holding tank, as well as eliminate odors. They are available as liquid treatments, dry chemicals or as individual drop-in packets. When using holding tank treatments, make sure not to use formaldehyde based chemicals, as they prove harmful to the environment and kill useful bacteria. Proper ventilation is also a big part of proper sanitation. Ventilation reduces pressure buildup inside the tanks and prevents odor buildup as well. Options include electrically powered vent fans and non-motorized vents that can draw odors out using the wind or solar power. Sewer hose supports, such as the Valterra 10' S1000 make it easier to drain the tank by holding the hose at an angle. Keeping it off the ground will also prevent damage to the hose. When it's time to clean up, rinsing hoses & fittings are available to easily and safely clean your holding tank.
By Julie T

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